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Jury nullification letter! Copy this before they block it again!

Jury nullification : it’s your right and your duty ! For hundreds of years jury nullification has occurred when a jury finds a defendant not guilty , even though the defendant may have opposed rejected or the code in question . It is not a violation to oppose or reject an immoral or unconstitutional code , and codes are NOT law when they are in opposition to the Constitution , which is the supreme law of the land . It’s called the supremacy clause . Because the attorneys , judges and local government make so much money by passing unlawful codes and regulations , they continue to invent an illusion of criminal activity where there is none . This court for profit system eventually destroys freedom in the community . Therefore it is essential for you the juror to realize and exercise your role as the blocker of a power hungry court system AND as the final enforcer of freedom among the people . Remember two things : 1 : society , or the state , cannot be a victim . It is called a fictitious entity , meaning false or made up . Only a living man or woman can claim to be a victim . No victim , no crime . 2 : YOU the juror are the judge and the judge is nothing more than a referee with no authority to tell the jury how they can interpret the law . Any judge who instructs the jury is committing jury tampering , a felony . They use intimidation and manipulation to control the jury . Do not submit to the unlawful pressure from the judge , he or she has a very large financial stake in creating guilty verdicts because the pension funds they rely upon for retirement are heavily invested in the private prison industry . As a juror you have total immunity to vote your conscience regardless of any threats by the jury-tampering judge . Someone’s freedom will rest in your hands if you are selected as a juror, and it is your right and your duty to judge the fairness of the law as well as the facts . If the law is wrong , or no living victim is injured , the verdict is “not guilty” and freedom wins for everyone, including you the juror. “The Pages of history shine on instance of the jury’s exercise of its prerogative to disregard instructions of the judge..”US vs Dougherty 1972  

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Fully Informed Jury Association

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Jury Nullification 101


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David J Gill

This is unclear – it leaves a big question hanging. Is nullification a specific decision…as in: the jury foreman when asked “guilty or not guilty” instead says “we the jury nullify the law,” or is it just any single juror who secretly decides the law is wrong so he will disregard the evidence and hang the jury?


fuck the police


They should have used jury nullification in that case where a teenage boy was accused of rape because he had oral instead vaginal sex with another teenager.


You could get stuck on a long boring case where you wouldn’t want to nullify and chances are that even if you did they would just call it a mistrial and start over. There is also a good chance that you will be a higher numbered potential juror and they will pick twelve jurors way before getting to you. I’ve served on two juries and changed the vote to not guilty on one and caused a mistrial on another. Three times I wasn’t picked for the above reason. Just be nice and your chances improve.

James Veronico

Oh no, there are many more. But your original demand didn’t ask for all of them. I provided 3, then provided the source where you could find the entirety of them. You are obviously a wannabe or “family member” and that makes you the “moron” …you artard.

James Veronico

Hey, FYI: Law & Order, season 8, episode 5. The name of the episode is “NULLIFICATION.” Also, Law & Order, season 6, episode 4 “Custody” and season 12, episode 18 “Equal Rights.” There’s a Law & Order wiki you can just look it up on.


I got a summons for the 14th this month. This is one of the reasons I WANT to be selected. How is the best way to answer the attorney’s questions to increase my chance of being selected.


Congratulations on being more informed than many of the rest of us. Unfortunately, many people do not know about this, and that could mean ten years of jail time for three of our staff currently under indictment.


a few seasons of Law & Order, and you’re a bonafide paralegal! I knew what Jury nullification was by the time I was 14.


Very astute. We realize that America seems like an oligarchy disguised as a republic and mistaken for a democracy… but our emphasis is on the democratic process.


How are you going to educate someone, when talking about democracy? You know this country is supposed to be a republic right?


haha, you blame the weed? You must be one of those blaming types.. everyone’s elses fault right? You’re brother made his own decision, you’re parents made theirs. Pathetic.


Everyone asks on how we can get our democracy back.. well this is a good start.


@H1TMANactual Most of the info was gathered from various web sources and some Maui lawyers. It’s very likely that MCCFDIA and Wikipedia referred to similar sources.


Good but this is right out of wikipedia, or is it the other way around?

Liberty Treebud

I love jury nullification and speak openly about it EVERYWHERE as we are all potential jurists and don’t have to be near a court house. I speak loudly to my foil, er, friend, who will answer and ask just the right things to carry on explaining JURY NULLIFICATION to everybody who has ears.

Liberty Treebud

When the ‘so-called judges’ or ‘administrators don’t like JURY NULLIFICATION then you KNOW that it is something that you should learn and apply because the laws coming out of the corruption in D.C. or District of Criminals, are deranged and anti American-freedom. RESIST – DO NOT COMPLY – IGNORE & NULLIFY


@clopoplol the japanese who were interned had rights. their rights were violated. rights don’t mean “something which is impossible to ignore” it means things that are guaranteed by the government it wasn’t right, but that doesn’t mean that they never had rights.


Can we Nullify Obama?


I will be attending voire dire on the 15th of Nov. I will do everything to get on as a member by looking like one of the sheepole,then if the law is repugnant to the Constitution ,or is unjust,unfair,or falls into the definition of fraud, I will hang the jury so fast that the pros will shit his pants. After a decade of studying Constitutional law and American Jurisprudence 2d., and having a conscience, I feel pretty confident I can do the right thing by convincing the other members to nullify!!!

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Misty Koch’s case ask why judge Randal Macy would allow the malicious prosecution?


To all my friends, I am so grateful for what your calls your prayers and thoughts have done for me and my family. I am home and this would not be the case if it was not for all of your efforts. This is still not over with. But I believe it will be soon. There is so much that I want to say, and I am having a hard time not blurting it out. The problem is that this would also reveal to the criminals what they are overlooking. I can assure you they are impersonating them selves as law abiding public servants. I did not think I would see the light of day again. I can say this it has opened the eyes of some very powerful folks that have very real authority and have witnessed first hand what goes on behind the closed doors in most every county and state in this continent. This poison can be stopped and it has to be stopped. I love each and every one of you, and I give you my word I am no criminal I am not ashamed for taking a stand. These people refuse to answer my question of what I am being charged with. They lie to the public saying this and that when the truth is they have been caught with there hands in the money jar. Bail was 10,080 dollars and 20 cents. CASH ONLY, no money order no checks no collateral only NONE TRACEABLE CASH. IRS gets involved with anything over 10,000 and one penny. I can say this, these are some very nervous criminals.  I have one last request please call 605-578-2044 and ask for Judge Randal Macy leave message talk with his clerk just let it be known that you are following this Misty Koch’s case and wonder why an impartial judge would allow the malicious prosecution, abuse of process, acts of vindictiveness,   You could say I am just your average person and see a conspiracy? How can these people that work with law day in and day out make me believe that this is lawful.


Prosecutor    Kevin Krull     605-347-4491           Misty Koch (pronounced Cook)  612-749-3369

Judge              Randal Macy 605-578-2044 

 Clerk                                         605-347-4411


   Demand to unconceal the hidden court, bond chattel, money making enterprise, known to imprison people known as livestock.

   Say  as one of the people of this public demand to make full material fact disclosure to the public to see copy and inspect the financial books on the court registry investment system, disclosure of the bid bond, payment bond, and the performance bond underwritten against this case of Misty Koch, that you call livestock. Failure to do so would most definitely explain who has the dirty hands.


Friday October 2nd is a court hearing that I believe will end this for myself and what I believe will be the start of ending this livestock poisoning all across the nation. I wish that I was able to reveal how at this time. All I can say is that this is VERY BIG and will be heard all over the nation. We are in very good shape thanks to all of you. Please keep the phone calls going. I love you all you saved my life and I promiss this will reach far and wide.




  Bless you Misty Ann Koch    

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Emergency phone Blitz Tell Hawaii Officials To stop Martial Law and the Rounding Up Homeless.


Posted on Jul 31, 2015 in DOCARE, News Releases, slider, State Parks

News Release


For Immediate News Release July 31, 2015

Law Enforcement Actions Under Maunakea Emergency Rule Begin
7 Arrests and 6 Citations
(HILO) – Early Friday morning, July 31, 2015, officers from the DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement arrested seven men, camping in the restricted area on Maunakea on Hawaii Island. The Hawaii County Police Department provided transportation support and booking and rangers from the Office of Mauna Kea Management provided logistical support. An additional six men were issued citations and voluntarily left the mountain. Under the emergency rule approved by the Board of Land and Natural Resources and signed by Governor David Ige, it is illegal to be in the restricted area along Mauna Kea Observatory Access Road from 10 p.m. – 4 a.m. The arrests and citations follow more than a week of awareness efforts to ensure people knew the particulars of the emergency rule. These efforts included the placement of signage around the Mauna Kea Visitors Center and the handing out of educational flyers which detail the specific provisions of the rule. Additional law enforcement efforts can continue at any time while the rule is in effect. DLNR Chair Suzanne Case said, “Our DOCARE officers have done an outstanding job of informing people about the emergency rule. I’m proud of the professionalism they demonstrated, both in making people aware of the rule and in enforcing it.”

Arrested for prohibited activities (Hawaii Administrative Rules section 13-123-21.2(d) as amended:
Eric Ana, 35, Oahu ($250 bail)
Joseph Henderson, 26, Pahoa ($250 bail)
Laakeaokani Sanborn, 32, Kona ($250 bail)
D’Angelo Montez McIntyre, 29, Oahu ($250 bail)
Marcus Yoshizu, 26, Oahu ($250 bail)
Bronson Kobayashi, 23, Kona ($400 bail, additional for failure to appear)
Pueo McGuire Turcotte, 27, Naalehu ($3100 bail, additional for resisting arrest and contempt of court)

Citations for prohibited activities:
Michael Kyser
Lakea Trask
Sam Whatley-Keliihoomalu
Justin Murphy
Caleb Murphy
Kapono Kuikahi

Dan Dennison
Senior Communications Manager
Office of the Chair
Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources
1151 Punchbowl Street, Room 130
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Tel 808-587-0407
Cell 808-295-8749
Fax 808-587-0390

Can a lower court judge violate the constitutionally protected rights of due process and redress of a Pro Se litigant ?

Lidya Radin

Attorney William Gogel:
( 1 ) Today, Tuesday, July 14, 2015, at 5:30 PM I got a STAY of the proceedings in the lower Bronx court, until the higher court can hear my Writ of Prohibition on September 21, 2015.
( 2 )  See the attached Order.
( 3)  Note in the Order,  that I informed the higher court that Judge Thompson, in the lower court, had refused to give me a stay the day before, on
July 13, 2015 when we were in court with witnesses from Courtroom Observers Network.
( 4 )  The Order is attached to this email, for ease of reference.
( 5 )  Question:
The important question that the higher court will be answering on September 21, 2015: can a lower court judge violate the constitutionally protected rights of due process and redress of a Pro Se litigant by refusing to sign subpoenas to compel the production of documentary evidence and witnesses ?  
Answer:  NO.

A witness protection program for Truth, Liberty and Justice for all!


Hello friends and activists I’m starting a Courtroom watchdog group’s across the country and I need your help inorder to be able to make sure that the Courtroom are held accountable and are fair and just. It’s only when we the people who become witnesses will the court system work honestly.
We need an EMERGENCY PHONE BLITZ team as well. Please join me and be a watchdog for Truth Justice and Liberty.http://Courtroomwatch.Com

Courtroom Watch was created for freedom minded people to Network and Unite. The focus here is to fill Courtrooms with witnesses to prevent Judicial, Police and Attorney Corruption . If you are being abused by the system post a brief description and request for observers. We need all good people to show up and support others in need. This is not only the right thing to do but it also causes others to show up in your time of need. The Court system is only honest and just when it operates under Constitutional concepts that protect us, rather than code enforcement laws that violate your freedoms and steal your money.