Emergency broadcast requesting COURTROOM OBSERVERS NEEDED for THURSDAY


Those of you who make it to the meetings, know that we’ve been speaking often lately about the fact that when we go into court, our chances of success grow with every court-room observer present for the proceeding.

Our good friend, FELICIA, needs our support tomorrow, Thursday April 13th at 9:30am.
You may recall that Felicia provided us with 100s of nebulizers, at cost, over the past 3 years. By that alone she probably saved multiple lives in our local community. She is a true hero who takes action where she can.

Felicia runs 2 small ELDER RESIDENCES in Java. She provides living quarters for folks in their last years of life, folks who prefer country living in peace, without lots of dictates from the state. She provides a beautiful, clean environment – and she allows loving caretakers to come in and truly care for the residents. Even state employees often compliment Felicia on the amazing level of assistance and love her residents receive. She is often told that there’s no better facility in WNY.

Felicia Mullane is battling the corrupt State of New York Adult and Family Services Divisionwhich is attempting to shut down her beautiful clean elderly living home . This corrupt hearing is directed at her because the state is attacking her over a particular legally prescribed (by a doctor) pain killer that was given to a patient who was in severe pain. She acted justly for the patient. The patient’s family agrees that she followed their desires. There is no dispute on the part of the patient or the family. Only the state is claiming it was not appropriate.

It should be no surprise that the elderly and their families would support and use private homes such as Agape Manor (Felicia’s Ministry) , since Governor Como issued a virtual death sentence to the elderly by forcing nursing homes to accept sick and contagious Covid victims in the past . This only served to increase the spread of the Covid illness , which furthered the agenda of State control .

Please be there for Felicia’s appearance on Thursday Morning April 13 , 2023 , at 9:30 A.M. Eastern Time . See the attached notice for details on how to appear as an observer, or simply follow the notes below . Please support Felicia’s right to function in private domain with members of her association as guaranteed by the Constitution for the United States of America , and numerous Court Case precedents , including Hale v. Henkel and Moose Lodge number 107 v. Irvis . Support Freedom and see you on Thursday !

Please Note that occasionally requests for observers may come from emails
44Scholar@protonmail.com and recovermybiz@protonmail.com (or aol.com) and ericnewyork@protonmail.com

You can call in by phone or join via webex (like zoom) on your computer.

Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 9:30am
Call 1-518-549-0500
Meeting number (access code): 161 873 4386
Meeting password: Bq4jjStfD47

COMPUTER: Join from the meeting link https://meetny.webex.com/meetny/j.php?MTID=m8bbf2daa7c49ae62f3be3c1cd6e8dab4

As joining is automated, no one should question why you are joining the proceedings. But, if they do, simply say, “Felicia has asked me to be a silent observer to the hearing.”

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Last time we held a phone blitz for a court hearing, there were 123 of us on the call. The court was very surprised and didn’t quite know how to handle the situation. They ended up postponing the hearing from 10:30am, and moved it to the last session of the day – at about 4pm. I’m sure they hoped we would get tired of waiting and hang up. Instead, most of us were able to leave the phone call in place while we went about our daily routine. So when the hearing began over 5 hours later, most of us were still there. Please make sure your phone is fully charged or plugged in during the call, and try to keep the call open as long as it takes to get through the hearing. We hope it begins on time.

Have a blessed day…
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