Acceptance of Oath: This Binds Public Officers and Schoolboard Members Into a Binding Contract With You


Here is an explanation of what we are doing. Public employees including superintendents, school board members, legislators, county executives, health commissioner, police, judges etc., all take an Oath of Office to support and uphold the state and federal Constitutions. Then they violate that Oath on a regular basis, using intimidation and fear. Since their Oath is a contract with all of us, by formally accepting their Oath, you are accepting the contract they offered to you. From that point forward, if they continue to violate their Oath, then they have breached their contract with you and you may have recourse.

Note: The words ‘without THE UNITED STATES’ indicates that we are not participating as citizens of the U.S. corporation (Yes, the United States is a corporation defined by title 28 section 3002). We are acting as a creation of God, in our own individual capacity. We are serving notice man to man, not citizen to state representative.

Some folks who may be friends of the some of these public servants, might be concerned about what this could mean. I assure you that this notice does not injure the other party in any way. It simply reminds them that we expect them to abide by their Oath to support and defend the Constitutions. We want visible support.

Please go to to find Oaths for dozens of public employees in New York state as well as instructions for accepting their Oaths. Please help out by gathering Oaths in your county and town (usually found at the county clerk and school district clerk) and email them to us for posting. Please forward this to as many people as you possibly can. Thank you for spreading the word!

Should you have any difficulty with the website, please let us know ASAP. Email:


On the bottom of the signed Oath of Office page for each person, write the following statement: (Unless you have a copy that has the Oath already added, then just fill in your name, sign, date and mail.) Note: if you are going to get your form notarized, do not sign until you are with the notary.

I, ______(your full name)____________, standing on God’s creation without the UNITED STATES, hereby accept your Oath to support the Constitution; now you and I have a personal binding contract in fact, honor, value and consideration.



1. Be sure to make copies of all of the Oaths prior to mailing, to keep for your records.

2. When addressing the envelope, DO NOT USE ANY TITLE, JUST PUT THEIR NAME.

3. If you are able to have your acceptance notarized, that would be helpful but not essential. (DO NOT sign until you are with the notary.)

4. Mail each one individually, even if they are going to the same address. If possible, use “Return Receipt Requested”, that way you will receive a signed card of who accepted it when delivered. (The post office has the cards.) It does cost more, so if you are unable to do so for all, try to at least do one for Poloncarz or Burstein.


Erie County Legislators: April N. M. Baskin, Lisa M. Chimera, John J. Gilmour, Christopher D. Greene, Kevin R. Hardwick, Howard J. Johnson, Jr., Joseph C. Lorigo, Timothy J. Meyers, John J. Mills, Frank J. Todaro, Jeanne M. Vinal

Mail To: Their Full Name, as it appears on the Oath (Don’t use Title), C/O Erie County Legislature, 92 Franklin Street – 4th Floor, Buffalo, New York 14202

Mark C. Poloncarz Mail To: Mark C. Poloncarz (Don’t use Title), C/O Erie County Executive’s Office, 95 Franklin Street 16th Floor, Buffalo, New York 14202

Gale R. Burstein Mail To: Gale R. Burstein (Don’t use Title), C/O Erie County Department of Health, 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo, New York 14202

Timothy B. Howard Mail To: Timothy B. Howard (Don’t use Title), C/O Erie County Sheriff’s Office, 10 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14202

New York nurse takes a stand for freedom in Christ during healthcare crisis

Hannah Heikoop: “This video is very raw and unfiltered as you will see. My purpose is making this llis to update those who’ve been asking where I’m at, to encourage others going through the same thing, and to open the eyes of those who may not be fully comprehending the truth of what’s going on.
I pray that your heart is softened as you watch this video.

Sadness fills my heart as the doors of my first nursing job are slammed shut in my face. Let go with unjust cause.

My eyes are being opened more and more to the darkness of this world.

But there is a light that is shining through and that light is Jesus Christ. He is the reason I went into nursing in the first place and He is who will get me through this trial. I’m re-learning that my identity isn’t in my career but it is in the One who created me. I hope this video points you to Him and His love!”