COURTROOMWATCH’s mission is to make the justice system more effective and  responsive in handling cases and to create a more informed and involved public with an accountable, fair and transparent criminal justice system.

Court monitors are assigned to various types of hearings and have the opportunity to observe multiple

Volunteers obtain first-hand experience in the courtroom and become familiar with judges and prosecutors.

Volunteers are assigned to a variety of hearings including sentencing, jury trials, felony arraignment, DV court, omnibus hearings, probation violations and OFP hearings.


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  1. TO WHOM EVER READS THIS….my family and I urgently need to be put in touch with an Investigative Journalist. We have been brutalized for the past 5 years by FedEx Corp and the past 4 years by Judge Ted Stewart in SLC Utah. 6 Federal Laws were broken by FedEx.. there is zero “he said/she said” in this…it was only to be a matter of labor protection and monetary judgement. Frustratingly, these past 4 years the Judge has delayed minor judgments for as much as 10 months, AND has given FedEx and their NOW 8 attorneys against us, every bit the advantage..during our last court appearance, Judge Stewart helped to coach the FedEx lead attorney on matters he missed and kept throwing obstacles and curves at our single attorney….all of this was put into motion due to corrupt/brutal actions by FedEx and in order to protect my 23 year career and retirement with FedEx. Judge Stewart’s brother is Congressman Chris Stewart who oversaw the Aviation Industry/committee (FedEx)…this year he was reassigned over the Environmental Committee….Judge Stewart’s other brother – Tim Stewart is a Lobbyist in D.C….I’m desperately trying to find if he lobbied for FedEx?!! On January 29, 2016, Judge Stewart SHOCKINGLY dismissed our entire case…we and our attorney were dumbfounded! We are appealing….this should have been resolved a year and a half ago. PLEASE HELP DIRECT US TOWARD ANSWERS AND POSSIBLE JUSTICE! Thank you. (801) 550-7447 mobile

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A witness protection program for Truth, Liberty and Justice for all! Psalm 94:16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

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