Misty Koch’s case ask why judge Randal Macy would allow the malicious prosecution?


To all my friends, I am so grateful for what your calls your prayers and thoughts have done for me and my family. I am home and this would not be the case if it was not for all of your efforts. This is still not over with. But I believe it will be soon. There is so much that I want to say, and I am having a hard time not blurting it out. The problem is that this would also reveal to the criminals what they are overlooking. I can assure you they are impersonating them selves as law abiding public servants. I did not think I would see the light of day again. I can say this it has opened the eyes of some very powerful folks that have very real authority and have witnessed first hand what goes on behind the closed doors in most every county and state in this continent. This poison can be stopped and it has to be stopped. I love each and every one of you, and I give you my word I am no criminal I am not ashamed for taking a stand. These people refuse to answer my question of what I am being charged with. They lie to the public saying this and that when the truth is they have been caught with there hands in the money jar. Bail was 10,080 dollars and 20 cents. CASH ONLY, no money order no checks no collateral only NONE TRACEABLE CASH. IRS gets involved with anything over 10,000 and one penny. I can say this, these are some very nervous criminals.  I have one last request please call 605-578-2044 and ask for Judge Randal Macy leave message talk with his clerk just let it be known that you are following this Misty Koch’s case and wonder why an impartial judge would allow the malicious prosecution, abuse of process, acts of vindictiveness,   You could say I am just your average person and see a conspiracy? How can these people that work with law day in and day out make me believe that this is lawful.


Prosecutor    Kevin Krull     605-347-4491           Misty Koch (pronounced Cook)  612-749-3369

Judge              Randal Macy 605-578-2044 

 Clerk                                         605-347-4411


   Demand to unconceal the hidden court, bond chattel, money making enterprise, known to imprison people known as livestock.

   Say  as one of the people of this public demand to make full material fact disclosure to the public to see copy and inspect the financial books on the court registry investment system, disclosure of the bid bond, payment bond, and the performance bond underwritten against this case of Misty Koch, that you call livestock. Failure to do so would most definitely explain who has the dirty hands.


Friday October 2nd is a court hearing that I believe will end this for myself and what I believe will be the start of ending this livestock poisoning all across the nation. I wish that I was able to reveal how at this time. All I can say is that this is VERY BIG and will be heard all over the nation. We are in very good shape thanks to all of you. Please keep the phone calls going. I love you all you saved my life and I promiss this will reach far and wide.




  Bless you Misty Ann Koch    

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