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Title : Eric the Freedom Screamer being interviewed by Tim Brown from Sons of Liberty

And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth,… -Revelation 10:1-2

Hold onto your hats if you have never delved into this subject, but the reality is that corporatism is destroying the united States. In fact, the People don’t even realize that both their federal, state and many local governments have incorporated themselves against the People and have deemed the American People as the enemies of the US. Eric Hughes Jones from and Bill from join me for this eye-opening episode that will show you what the real Matrix is all about.

‘File complaints against the insurance bonds of corrupt tyrannical officials , enforcers and board members !

Surety Bonds: How and Why they can be used to STOP Tyranny!
Bonds are mandatory for all elected and most public officials from governors, mayors, legislators, and school boards. They protect and serve as a guarantee against fraud, dishonesty, negligence, breach of contract, and violations of faithful performance of duties. Bonds protect parties that have suffered losses as a result of the public official’s misconduct. Simply stated, a contract designed to protect We the People after an official takes an oath of office.
Bonds go by many names: faithful performance bonds, fidelity bonds, public official bonds, liability bonds, public employee blanket bonds, public employee dishonesty bonds, and indemnity bonds to name a few.
Using a bond method for corrupt public officials and school board members has advantages. It can hold these creatures to their oath of office which includes ‘I swear to support the Constitution of the United States’. The bond method can be used as leverage for officials by serving them with orders to cease and desist illegal and unlawful behaviors. We the People can file claims against the bonded official, with hopes, to avoid a costly and lengthy lawsuit. It is the bonding agency that will determine if violations occurred that resulted in losses or damages caused by a public official’s misconduct as opposed to a politically motivated court process.
I highly recommend checking out It is an informed group helping many. They have many resources and step-by-step guidance on how to stop elected Boards of Education and officials which continue to infringe on our rights.
In NYS Board of Education, members have taken an oath of office to “support the Constitution”. It appears that many are bonded including the Superintendent. Start by using FOILs to obtain officials’ oaths of office, and bonding/insurance information. Muckrock is a web site that is used to file, track and share public record requests.
You will find many school districts have uploaded their FOIL letters to obtain oaths of office, insurance, bonds, etc. There are many examples of how and what to request. You can see the school districts’ responses, emails, and insurance policies.
Most school districts in the state are bonded through Utica National Insurance Group or NY school Insurance Reciprocal. See links below.
Bonds pertaining to school insurance policies for the Board of Education and Superintendents may be under the crime portion of the Property & Casualty policy of the district. Individuals may be identified by name or by the position title. If the policy lists by position, then it is considered a “blanket” policy. Individuals that handle large sums of

money may be ‘individually scheduled’ for excess limits outside of the blanket crime policy but still on the same order.
For more information and knowledge, you may want to check out the Telegram channels:
Bonds For The WIN
Bonds for the Win – NY
The Great Takedown – NY DoE…
Visit the following sight to network and unite with other people, with over 80 groups contributing information: Thank you for following and supporting

Acceptance of Oath: This Binds Public Officers and Schoolboard Members Into a Binding Contract With You


Here is an explanation of what we are doing. Public employees including superintendents, school board members, legislators, county executives, health commissioner, police, judges etc., all take an Oath of Office to support and uphold the state and federal Constitutions. Then they violate that Oath on a regular basis, using intimidation and fear. Since their Oath is a contract with all of us, by formally accepting their Oath, you are accepting the contract they offered to you. From that point forward, if they continue to violate their Oath, then they have breached their contract with you and you may have recourse.

Note: The words ‘without THE UNITED STATES’ indicates that we are not participating as citizens of the U.S. corporation (Yes, the United States is a corporation defined by title 28 section 3002). We are acting as a creation of God, in our own individual capacity. We are serving notice man to man, not citizen to state representative.

Some folks who may be friends of the some of these public servants, might be concerned about what this could mean. I assure you that this notice does not injure the other party in any way. It simply reminds them that we expect them to abide by their Oath to support and defend the Constitutions. We want visible support.

Please go to to find Oaths for dozens of public employees in New York state as well as instructions for accepting their Oaths. Please help out by gathering Oaths in your county and town (usually found at the county clerk and school district clerk) and email them to us for posting. Please forward this to as many people as you possibly can. Thank you for spreading the word!

Should you have any difficulty with the website, please let us know ASAP. Email:


On the bottom of the signed Oath of Office page for each person, write the following statement: (Unless you have a copy that has the Oath already added, then just fill in your name, sign, date and mail.) Note: if you are going to get your form notarized, do not sign until you are with the notary.

I, ______(your full name)____________, standing on God’s creation without the UNITED STATES, hereby accept your Oath to support the Constitution; now you and I have a personal binding contract in fact, honor, value and consideration.



1. Be sure to make copies of all of the Oaths prior to mailing, to keep for your records.

2. When addressing the envelope, DO NOT USE ANY TITLE, JUST PUT THEIR NAME.

3. If you are able to have your acceptance notarized, that would be helpful but not essential. (DO NOT sign until you are with the notary.)

4. Mail each one individually, even if they are going to the same address. If possible, use “Return Receipt Requested”, that way you will receive a signed card of who accepted it when delivered. (The post office has the cards.) It does cost more, so if you are unable to do so for all, try to at least do one for Poloncarz or Burstein.


Erie County Legislators: April N. M. Baskin, Lisa M. Chimera, John J. Gilmour, Christopher D. Greene, Kevin R. Hardwick, Howard J. Johnson, Jr., Joseph C. Lorigo, Timothy J. Meyers, John J. Mills, Frank J. Todaro, Jeanne M. Vinal

Mail To: Their Full Name, as it appears on the Oath (Don’t use Title), C/O Erie County Legislature, 92 Franklin Street – 4th Floor, Buffalo, New York 14202

Mark C. Poloncarz Mail To: Mark C. Poloncarz (Don’t use Title), C/O Erie County Executive’s Office, 95 Franklin Street 16th Floor, Buffalo, New York 14202

Gale R. Burstein Mail To: Gale R. Burstein (Don’t use Title), C/O Erie County Department of Health, 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo, New York 14202

Timothy B. Howard Mail To: Timothy B. Howard (Don’t use Title), C/O Erie County Sheriff’s Office, 10 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14202

New York nurse takes a stand for freedom in Christ during healthcare crisis

Hannah Heikoop: “This video is very raw and unfiltered as you will see. My purpose is making this llis to update those who’ve been asking where I’m at, to encourage others going through the same thing, and to open the eyes of those who may not be fully comprehending the truth of what’s going on.
I pray that your heart is softened as you watch this video.

Sadness fills my heart as the doors of my first nursing job are slammed shut in my face. Let go with unjust cause.

My eyes are being opened more and more to the darkness of this world.

But there is a light that is shining through and that light is Jesus Christ. He is the reason I went into nursing in the first place and He is who will get me through this trial. I’m re-learning that my identity isn’t in my career but it is in the One who created me. I hope this video points you to Him and His love!”

Radio Interview with Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center and Medical Staff Reporting from the Front Lines!

To learn more about the American Policy Center:

TAKE BACK YOUR LOCAL GOV’T: On Sept 18th, Eric The Freedom Screamer and Marie from Buffalo, NY took over the airwaves while Ingri was on vacation. We were able to interview Tom DeWeese who gave us some tremendous information about how we can create STRATEGIC PLANNING to take back our government, beginning at the smaller ( but most important) local offices. Listen here…

HEAR FROM INSIDE THE MEDICAL SYSTEM: Hour 2 contains great interviews with Nurse Hannah and PA Debbie. NY medical professionals who are facing being fired on September 27th if not fully vaccinated with the experimental jab. They represent millions of medical professionals across this country. Listen here…


File this with your Religious Exemption Statement


U.S. CONSTITUTION AND U.S. LAW STATES: Everyone has the right, under their scope of God-belief, to maintain their own bodily and DNA autonomy. No one has the right to change that for you, unless you give them the right. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM forced injection of a medical procedure that is …

**Completely fraudulent in what it’s purported to accomplish. God is TRUTH IN ALL THINGS!

**May alter your DNA , your God-created individual identity

**Created with aborted fetal cells

Download this form. Complete it, notarize it, and attach it to your Religious Exemption Statement that you turn in to your employer or school.



PRINT AND SEND! Keep a record of who you send these letters to. Consider sending them with tracking to confirm the intended recipient has received them. Keep a file, so that you have recourse later, such as a lawsuit, if they do not act appropriately.

peaceful activist david rodriguez jailed in california. please help free him!!

David James Rodriguez is a peaceful freedom-oriented activist in San Cruz California. If you would like to get to know more about him, visit David on one of his many youtube channels “FREEDOM LOVERS SHOW” David is a home school advisor, educator, advocate for unmasking, reopening the beaches, and much more, (he even set up a space on the coast to offer voluntary FREE HUGS to counteract social distancing oppression). David has been targeted by (courts and police) the District Attorney, Jeffery Rosell, bar# 138433.

Judge,Nancy De La Pena, bar#122410. Chief Andy Mills and Sheriff Jim Hart, all government officials in Santa Cruz County.
At a review hearing on June 30, 2021 at 3 p.m. in Department 1, David was ambushed by: Judge, Nancy De La Pena, bar#122410
District Attorney, Jeffery Scott Rosell, bar# 138433
Assistant District Attorney, Bryan Pearson, bar# 316827
City Attorney, Stephanie Duck, bar# 324429
Who all conspired by adding false new criminal claims that cannot provide a victim or probable cause to remand (take into custody) him to jail, without bond by Judge Nancy De La Pena.
The charges are minor accusations of peaceful disobedience and yet Judge Nancy De La Pena ordered him to be held WITHOUT BAIL!
Clear violation of the California State Constitution which provides for bail in all circumstance other than capital offenses.
David is clearly being held for political reasons and we are asking ALL PEOPLE to assist in freeing David.
Phone calls can be made to numbers listed below, but more importantly complaints must be filed against the bar license of: Judge, Nancy De La Pena, bar#122410
District Attorney, Jeffery Scott Rosell, bar# 138433.

Assistant District Attorney, Bryan Pearson, bar# 316827. City Attorney, Stephanie Duck, bar# 324429.
A Judicial Complaint for must be filed for: Judge Nancy De La Pena, Bar# 122410 by direct mail or fax: (415)557-1266
A bar complaint must be filed against Judge, Nancy De La Pena, bar#122410
District Attorney, Jeffery Scott Rosell, bar# 138433
Assistant District Attorney, Bryan Pearson, bar# 316827
City Attorney, Stephanie Duck, bar# 324429
We are encouraging you to call Bishop Daniel Garcia @ (831) 373-4345 a very powerful man who may be able to assist the efforts to FREE DAVID.
Another person we can contact (remind him of the Oath he took to the people) is Sheriff Jim Hart @ (831)4547618 and demand he set DAVID FREE.

Click below to download the judicial complaint form for Judge De La Pena.

Click below to download the complaint form for the attorneys and District Attorneys.

Click below for an audio interview with more information on the David Rodriguez case.