Burns Chronicles What the US Government doesn’t want you to read!

Burns Chronicles

  1. Burns Chronicles No 1 – Introduction
  2. Burns Chronicles No 2 – Ambush
  3. Burns Chronicles No 3 – Operation Mutual Defense (OMD)
  4. Burns Chronicles No 4 – Stand Up; Stand Down
  5. Burns Chronicles No 5 – The Burns Community
  6. Burns Chronicles No 6 – Is There a Peaceful Solution?
  7. Burns Chronicles No 7 – What is Brandon Curtiss?
  8. Burns Chronicles No 8 – Active Patriots v Passive Patriots
  9. Burns Chronicles No 9 – Civil Defiance or Submission?
  10. Burns Chronicles No 10 – Is There a Peaceful Solution? – Redux
  11. Burns Chronicles No 11 – What are the III%?
  12. Burns Chronicles No 12 – Jon Ritzheimer and the Grand Jury
  13. Burns Chronicles No 13 – Ambush – Part 2 – “We Feared for Somebody’s Life”
  14. Burns Chronicles No 14 – Which Came First, the Rooster or the Egg?
  15. Burns Chronicles No 15 – So, what is the Law?
  16. Burns Chronicles No 16 – Ambush – Part 3 – As Told and Retold by Government Witnesses
  17. Burns Chronicles No 17 – “a speedy and public trial”
  18. Burns Chronicles No 18 – 1984
  19. Burns Chronicles No 19 – Property?
  20. Burns Chronicles No 20 – Who Owns Your Video? Who Owns Your Voice?
  21. Burns Chronicles No 21 – The Public’s Right to Know
  22. Burns Chronicles No 22 – OathKeepers vs. Militia – Part III
  23. Burns Chronicles No 23 – Terrorism Enhanced Penalties v. Due Process
  24. Burns Chronicles No 24 – To Plea, or, Not To Plea
  25. Burns Chronicles No 25 – Juror Shopping & Secrecy
  26. Burns Chronicles No 26 – Firearms Not Allowed
  27. Burns Chronicles No 27 – Public Lands – Part 1 – It’s a Matter of Jurisdiction
  28. Burns Chronicles No 28 – Public Trial – Mistrial? – What stinking Mistrial?
  29. Burns Chronicles No 29 – Public Lands – Part 2 – The Federal Government Has No Jurisdiction
  30. Burns Chronicles No 30 – Officer? What Officer?
  31. Burns Chronicles No 31 – Public Lands – Part 3 – The Queen has Ruled – Off with their Heads
  32. Burns Chronicles No 32 – Terri Linnell (Mama Bear)
  33. Burns Chronicles No 33 – Ryan Payne’s Plea Withdrawal
  34. Burns Chronicles No 34 – “shall enjoy the right… to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor”
  35. Burns Chronicles No 35 – From the Law Giver: “the law as I give it to you!”
  36. Burns Chronicles No 36 – Words from the Poor Losers
  37. Burns Chronicles No 37 – Intent v. Effect
  38. Burns Chronicles No 38 – If You Can’t Continue To Punish Those Who Are Not Guilty, Then Punish Their Attorney
  39. Burns Chronicles No 39 – Informants – What to do About Them
  40. Burns Chronicles No 40 – Allen Varner – Wolf
  41. Burns Chronicles No 41 – Dennis Dickenson (Dennis Jones)
  42. Burns Chronicles No 42 – Fabio Minoggio (John Killman)
  43. Burns Chronicles No 43 – Terri Linnell (Mama Bear) #2
  44. Burns Chronicles No 44 – Mark McConnell
  45. Burns Chronicles No 45 – Mark McConnell #2
  46. Burns Chronicles No 46 – Words from the Poor Losers #2
  47. Burns Chronicles No 47 – Robert “Rob” Seever
  48. Burns Chronicles No 48 – Robert “Rob” Seever (R.W. Seaver) #2
  49. Burns Chronicles No 49 – Thomas S. Dyman (Tom Dyman)
  50. Burns Chronicles No 50 – Informants – What to do About Them #2
  51. Burns Chronicles No 51 – William “Will” Kullman (Night Hawk)
  52. Burns Chronicles No 52 – Will Kullman (Nighthawk) #2
  53. Burns Chronicles No 53 – Plea Withdrawal – A Privilege or a Right?
  54. Burns Chronicles No 54 – To Jury, or, Not To Jury
  55. Burns Chronicles No 55 – Marshall Spring & Ben
  56. Burns Chronicles No 56 – Is a Misdemeanor a Crime? or, Is the Court a Crime?
  57. Burns Chronicles No 57 – Collusion or Conspiracy?


The Witches Court doesn’t want you to read this there is a War on independent Media!

Post this everywhere ! Support reporter Gary Hunt! …World class reporter Gary Hunt has been kidnapped by government thugs for simply reporting public information from public courtroom proceedings . The information he posted reveals government agents and their mercenary informants using taxpayer dollars to commit treason by hunting patriots . Updates coming soon


Judge In Oregon Bundy Case Now Has Reporter Gary Hunt Arrested For… Reporting

https://player.cinchcast.com/?show_id=9927267&assettype=single&version=2.0&version=2.0&platformId=1Check Out Prepping Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Studio 1776 on BlogTalkRadio with Studio 1776 on BlogTalkRadio

Freedom of the Press #1

Meeting with the FBI


On the morning of January 5, 2017, I received a phone call from Special Agent Matthew Catalano, out of the Chico, California, FBI Office. I recognized the name from my research. It appears that he has been assigned to do Internet investigations on Gary Hunt. His research included articles in Mainstream Media that mentioned my name, and my own articles. However, I do know that he has been reading the “Burns Chronicles” series, as most of the earlier ones are in evidence in the Ammon Bundy, et al, trial discovery.

Back to the phone call. He told me that he had a letter from Portland that he wanted to deliver to me. He asked if I was going to be in Chico, which is about 25 miles away, and I seldom go there. I told him no. He then offered to meet me at the local Sheriff’s Office. That is about 15 miles from me, so I said that I would be glad to meet him in a restaurant, here in Los Molinos. That was agreed to. I then asked him if he had a warrant. He said that there was no warrant, only the letter. We then arranged the meeting, and he then informed that he was bringing a fellow agent along with him.

As arranged, we met at the restaurant just before noon. We sat in the front booth, my back toward the window and daylight in their faces. There was an older man in the booth immediately behind them, and once he heard the words “F B I”, he turned towards us and listened, intently. Apparently, FBI presence in Los Molinos (population about 1200 and rural) is not quite an everyday occurrence.

After introductions, they ordered coffee and me, iced tea. Then, he handed me the Letter. I asked the agent what statute that bound me to the Cease and Desist portion of the letter. He answered that he didn’t know. When I asked him what he thought of the verdict in the Portland Group One trial, he answered that he was surprised by it and by the election results (Presidential). I had the distinct impression that he was pleased with the election results. We discussed the Roviaro decision (See “Informants – What to do About Them #2”) and I wondered, aloud, why the government chose to intentionally out Mark McConnell when Oregon State Police (OSP) Officer Beckert testified. He seemed somewhat surprised that the government outed McConnell, so it appeared that he had not followed the trial.

I told him that no informants had received any serious threats, though McConnell, and his girlfriend, Shannon Vita, had displayed weapons when they went to a restaurant where Jon and some friends were eating. (See “Informant Mark McConnell Receives Surprise Christmas Gift From Activist Jon Ritzheimer”)

I explained to Catalano that for over twenty years, I have always had respect for the FBI, as they have always been courteous and respectful (I know that many will disagree with this), with the exception of the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). I explained to him about how the HRT overrode the regular negotiators in Waco, resulting in the deaths of over 80 people. He said that he was only 4-years old at that time, making him about 31 years old, now.

In discussing the HRT, I pointed out that the HRT had fired two shots prior to the OSP murdering LaVoy Finicum, and then tampered with evidence by removing their shell casings and failing to report that they had fired shots at the incident. He seemed somewhat surprised, so he may not have known about that incident. Then, I explained that the FBI was investigating the FBI, and they still haven’t concluded that investigation—in nearly a year.

When the conversation turned back to the letter, he asked if I was going to turn over my files. I told him, absolutely not. I asked him if he recognized me as press. He responded, after starting and stopping, that he thought I worked in a gray area. I asked him if the FBI wasn’t also working in a gray area when they placed 15 informants in the Refuge or other aspects of the occupation at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

He then asked if I was would tell him where I got the documents. I told him “Absolutely not”, and that I had no intention of doing so. I then explained to him that the FBI had gone into my private email list account and my private (shared only with a few) Dropbox account, and that they didn’t even notify me that they had done so. I had to find that out on my own. I then explained that I was open with the government and stated, in my first informant article, that I had received copies of the discovery documents. At least I was open about what I had done, unlike the government.

Then, we ventured into the Fourth Amendment. I asked him what “secure in their papers” meant. He said that it meant “digital documents, too.” So, again, I pointed out that they accessed my digital documents from my private mail list and my private Dropbox account, and that they had never served me with a warrant. I contended that the FBI actions were far more egregious than mine. Though not responding to what I had said, he went back to the “Protective Order” (pages 2 & 3 of the Letter), relying on what the Court said, without regard to the Constitution. Well, heck, my Constitution is supposed to afford me the same protection.

Continued below…

He then said that they informants were “witnesses”, and that to divulge that information is a violation of the Court Order. However, if they are “witnesses”, as he said, then when the Sixth Amendment says that the defendant has a right “to be confronted with the witnesses against him”, how can you confront someone whose name is not given?

As the conversation began to wind down, he pointed out that the purpose of this meeting was to compel me to comply with the letter. I told him that I had no intention to do so, though I would probably call Pamela Holsinger and inquire as to the specific statute that gives the Court such authority over me.

When I asked him if he was going to pick up the tab, since he had an expense account, he said that he doesn’t get an expense account. I told him I found it rather curious that the informants have expense accounts, but the agents do not.

Thus ended my half hour discussion with FBI SA Catalano.

The following day, I called him and explained that I was not going to call Holsinger. Instead, I wanted to look into my legal rights. Just a few hours later, near the end of the day (Friday), the US Attorney’s Office filed their Motions seeking a Court Order to compel me to comply with what was requested (i.e. demanded) in the Letter. This will be discussed in Part #3.

Gary Hunt — Bio and Archives | Click to view 2 CommentsGary Hunt was a Professional Land Surveyor. Having been the County Surveyor for Orange County, Florida from 1974 to 1978, he began private practice in 1978 and continued as such until 1993, when events in Waco, Texas caused him to leave his business in pursuit of restoring the Constitution.

In 1989, he began researching, investigating and studying history, law and events where the government was “pointing its guns in the wrong direction”. He began publishing a patriot newspaper, “Outpost of Freedom”, in February 1993.

Since that time, he has investigated numerous occurrences, including, Waco, the Murder of Michael Hill, Ohio Militia Chaplain, Oklahoma City Bombing, and other events. He has attended the sites to investigate the events, and has reported on his investigations.

He has continued to report on his findings on the Internet, as well as write articles about other current events; about the history of the Revolutionary era; and the founding documents.

His Internet home page is outpost-of-freedom.com

Anti Deep State Party

Post this everywhere ! Support reporter Gary Hunt! …World class reporter Gary Hunt has been kidnapped by government thugs for simply reporting public information from public courtroom proceedings . The information he posted reveals government agents and their mercenary informants using taxpayer dollars to commit treason by hunting patriots . Updates coming soon CourtroomWatch.com

Debbie GibsonEvidently freedom of speech.. press and LIFE is not allowed in Oregon! Queen Anna Brown says so!

Article 4 explaining the order:  http://outpost-of-freedom.com/blog/?p=1965, will be copied at the bottom of this post


Tom CudneyJohn Lamb, have you seen this yet??? It’s Anna Brown’s oath of office…

Tom Cudney
Tom CudneySame can be acquired of that tyrannical fake judge in Nevada…

Tom Cudney
Tom CudneyEverything…

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Listen to Eric Hughes Jones from Courtroom Observers on Resurrect The Republic!

Resurrect The Republic 

Listen to HOST:  Eric Hughes Jones from Courtroom Observers —http://CourtroomWatch.org,  Laurie ‘Texas 101’,  Chris from Las Vegas, joins in the last half hour.   GUEST: Tom from Utah, with more information on the connections between vaccines, immunity, and diet — http://GassingAmerica.com Podcast: Play


iPhone & Android:
712-775-6827 [Android Only]

Emergency phone blitz for Chris Cave of Las Vegas another Political Patriot Persecution!

Emergency phone blitz for Chris Cave in Las Vegas ! Chris is a brilliant common law scholar , historian and activist who is being persecuted because of his political beliefs and may be locked up in a psychiatric prison on March 31 if nothing is done . Let’s do something and stand together with Chris by calling judge Jennifer Togliatti at 702-671-4395 and commissioner Steve Sisolak at 702-455-0000 . Require them to provide evidence that Chris is a danger to himself or others . That is the legal standard for mandatory incarceration . Chris has appeared on popular radio shows such as the Power Hour and Resurrect the Republic and provides incredibly powerful insight into the operating mechanisms of the courts . Miss Togliatti calls herself a “competency judge” , may we see the results of the competency examination on her? Tell communist commissioner Sisolak we will NOT be spending one penny in Vegas if these patriot persecutions continue . If you have heard Chris speak please send them an email saying so and that he is of healthy mind and quality spirit . This totalitarian nightmare is eventually coming for everyone so let’s make it stop now before it’s too late .Make the calls on behalf of Chris all week and don’t forget to call or Email the vicar general Bob Stoeckig at ….Bob Stoeckig at 702-697-3903 The Vicar General is the “behind the scenes” manager of the local courts for the Vatican, every city has one and they can be found online.   Thank you for sanding with Chris Cave.  

Chris Cave case number is : C-17-320454-1 and 16F20664X
The time and Location of Chris’s appearance


The courthouse address is 200 Lewis Ave in Las Vegas , on the 10th floor
Friday morning at 9:00 am on Friday March 31

For continuing updates on this and other cases Listen to Eric the Freedom Screamer on http://RepublicBroadcasting.org/


Office of the Vicar General and Chancellor
Very Rev. Robert E Stoeckig, VG
Phone:  (702) 697-3903
Fax: (702) 735-8941
Email:  vicar@dolv.org


Jennifer P. Togliatti
Department IX
Main Line – (702) 671-4395
Law Clerk – (702) 671-4392
Fax No. – (702) 671-4394
Regional Justice Center, Courtroom 10C
200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89155
Department RulesCourtroom Protocol


Jennifer P. Togliatti

Department IX

Eighth Judicial District Court


Term of Office 1999 – present


Rose Najera

Judicial Executive Assistant

(702) 671-4395 Voice

(702) 671-4394 Fax


Judge Togliatti has been a Las Vegas resident over 22 years. She attended Bishop Gorman High School and graduated from UNLV in 1989 with a degree in Business Administration. She received her Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law, San Diego in 1993 and during law school, she worked as a Law Clerk for Jeffrey Estes & Associates in San Diego and the United States Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas.


After completion of law school, she began employment as a Law Clerk with the Appellate Division of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office Criminal Division. She was admitted to the Nevada State Bar in October 1993 and became a Deputy District Attorney in 1994.


Her position as a Deputy District Attorney with the Crimes Against Women and Children’s Unit ended in 1998 when she was elected to the bench as the seventh Justice of the Peace for the Las Vegas Justice Courts. During this same time period, the Nevada Chapter of the National Organization of Women presented her with the 1998 Equality NOW Award for her “commitment to . . . community . . . political activism . . . and the rights of women and children.”


In 1999, she served as the Chief Judge for the Las Vegas Justice Courts and further has the distinction of serving as an acting judge for Drug Court with the Eighth Judicial District Court and also as acting Federal Magistrate for U. S. District Court. On April 23, 2002, Governor Kenny Guinn appointed Judge Togliatti to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Stephen Huffaker for the Eighth Judicial District Court, Department 9, which is where she presently serves


Her professional and community involvement have included the Nevada Judges Association (Legislative Committee), the Domestic Violence Curriculum Planning Committee and the Mandatory Sentencing Review Commission (appointed by the Nevada Supreme Court), the Southern Nevada Domestic Violence Court Task Force, Adult and Youth Leadership Las Vegas through the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, community training for CAAR (Community Action Against Rape), Board of Director’s for the Women’s Development Center, and UNLV Developmental Assets Planning Retreat.

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Jury nullification letter! Copy this before they block it again!

Jury nullification : it’s your right and your duty ! For hundreds of years jury nullification has occurred when a jury finds a defendant not guilty , even though the defendant may have opposed rejected or the code in question . It is not a violation to oppose or reject an immoral or unconstitutional code , and codes are NOT law when they are in opposition to the Constitution , which is the supreme law of the land . It’s called the supremacy clause . Because the attorneys , judges and local government make so much money by passing unlawful codes and regulations , they continue to invent an illusion of criminal activity where there is none . This court for profit system eventually destroys freedom in the community . Therefore it is essential for you the juror to realize and exercise your role as the blocker of a power hungry court system AND as the final enforcer of freedom among the people . Remember two things : 1 : society , or the state , cannot be a victim . It is called a fictitious entity , meaning false or made up . Only a living man or woman can claim to be a victim . No victim , no crime . 2 : YOU the juror are the judge and the judge is nothing more than a referee with no authority to tell the jury how they can interpret the law . Any judge who instructs the jury is committing jury tampering , a felony . They use intimidation and manipulation to control the jury . Do not submit to the unlawful pressure from the judge , he or she has a very large financial stake in creating guilty verdicts because the pension funds they rely upon for retirement are heavily invested in the private prison industry . As a juror you have total immunity to vote your conscience regardless of any threats by the jury-tampering judge . Someone’s freedom will rest in your hands if you are selected as a juror, and it is your right and your duty to judge the fairness of the law as well as the facts . If the law is wrong , or no living victim is injured , the verdict is “not guilty” and freedom wins for everyone, including you the juror. “The Pages of history shine on instance of the jury’s exercise of its prerogative to disregard instructions of the judge..”US vs Dougherty 1972  

PDF file Click here:Jurynullification (1)

Fully Informed Jury Association www.FIJA.org


Thanks to our sponsor!

Minuteman Rocket Stove




Jury Nullification 101


Top comments

David J Gill

This is unclear – it leaves a big question hanging. Is nullification a specific decision…as in: the jury foreman when asked “guilty or not guilty” instead says “we the jury nullify the law,” or is it just any single juror who secretly decides the law is wrong so he will disregard the evidence and hang the jury?


fuck the police


They should have used jury nullification in that case where a teenage boy was accused of rape because he had oral instead vaginal sex with another teenager.


You could get stuck on a long boring case where you wouldn’t want to nullify and chances are that even if you did they would just call it a mistrial and start over. There is also a good chance that you will be a higher numbered potential juror and they will pick twelve jurors way before getting to you. I’ve served on two juries and changed the vote to not guilty on one and caused a mistrial on another. Three times I wasn’t picked for the above reason. Just be nice and your chances improve.

James Veronico

Oh no, there are many more. But your original demand didn’t ask for all of them. I provided 3, then provided the source where you could find the entirety of them. You are obviously a wannabe or “family member” and that makes you the “moron” …you artard.

James Veronico

Hey, FYI: Law & Order, season 8, episode 5. The name of the episode is “NULLIFICATION.” Also, Law & Order, season 6, episode 4 “Custody” and season 12, episode 18 “Equal Rights.” There’s a Law & Order wiki you can just look it up on.


I got a summons for the 14th this month. This is one of the reasons I WANT to be selected. How is the best way to answer the attorney’s questions to increase my chance of being selected.


Congratulations on being more informed than many of the rest of us. Unfortunately, many people do not know about this, and that could mean ten years of jail time for three of our staff currently under indictment.


a few seasons of Law & Order, and you’re a bonafide paralegal! I knew what Jury nullification was by the time I was 14.


Very astute. We realize that America seems like an oligarchy disguised as a republic and mistaken for a democracy… but our emphasis is on the democratic process.


How are you going to educate someone, when talking about democracy? You know this country is supposed to be a republic right?


haha, you blame the weed? You must be one of those blaming types.. everyone’s elses fault right? You’re brother made his own decision, you’re parents made theirs. Pathetic.


Everyone asks on how we can get our democracy back.. well this is a good start.


@H1TMANactual Most of the info was gathered from various web sources and some Maui lawyers. It’s very likely that MCCFDIA and Wikipedia referred to similar sources.


Good but this is right out of wikipedia, or is it the other way around?

Liberty Treebud

I love jury nullification and speak openly about it EVERYWHERE as we are all potential jurists and don’t have to be near a court house. I speak loudly to my foil, er, friend, who will answer and ask just the right things to carry on explaining JURY NULLIFICATION to everybody who has ears.

Liberty Treebud

When the ‘so-called judges’ or ‘administrators don’t like JURY NULLIFICATION then you KNOW that it is something that you should learn and apply because the laws coming out of the corruption in D.C. or District of Criminals, are deranged and anti American-freedom. RESIST – DO NOT COMPLY – IGNORE & NULLIFY


@clopoplol the japanese who were interned had rights. their rights were violated. rights don’t mean “something which is impossible to ignore” it means things that are guaranteed by the government it wasn’t right, but that doesn’t mean that they never had rights.


Can we Nullify Obama?


I will be attending voire dire on the 15th of Nov. I will do everything to get on as a member by looking like one of the sheepole,then if the law is repugnant to the Constitution ,or is unjust,unfair,or falls into the definition of fraud, I will hang the jury so fast that the pros will shit his pants. After a decade of studying Constitutional law and American Jurisprudence 2d., and having a conscience, I feel pretty confident I can do the right thing by convincing the other members to nullify!!!

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A witness protection program for Truth, Liberty and Justice for all! Psalm 94:16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

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