Emergency phone blitz ! War on gun owners

Emergency phone blitz ! Help patriot Shane Bennett 585-329-8154 war on gun owners has begun with assault on Shanes family judge Kocher 585-412-5278 signed a warrant that has Shanes name NOWHERE ON IT Also NO grand jury was heard so this entire matter is disarmament and property theft ! DA Mike Tantillo has been sued for witholding evidence and sanctioned by the courts google him 585-396-4010 require he send you copies of indictment and sworn affidavit or drop the charges ! Storm trooper Hainsworth 585-398-3200 and his S.O.R.T. UNIT are liable for criminal trespass , grand larceny , deprivation of civil rights , conspiracy against civil rights and operating as highwaymen under color of law and out of constitutional jurisdiction ! call chamber of commerce CEO Donna Borulla 585-394-4400 Hit em in their wallet ! make it clear : no freedom loving americans will be shopping in Ontario County NY or their precious resort of Canandaigua Lake ! CALL and DONT STOP ! You can call every day if you have a legitimate purpose and you do ! thank you observer’s ! 

Listen to my new episode NY war on gun owners has begun with assault on Patriot Shane Bennett family. at http://tobtr.com/s/8121449. #BlogTalkRadio

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