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BLM Set to Stampede and Remove 1,500 Wild Horses from their Rightful Range — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Unedited propaganda as published in BLM Press Release 2018 Triple B Complex Wild Horse Gather The gather will tenatively begin on January 23. Purpose of Gather: The purpose of the operation is to prevent undue or unnecessary degradation of the public lands associated with excess wild horses, and to restore a thriving natural ecological balance […]

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BREAKING – Federal Judge Throws Out Case Against Cliven Bundy – “With Prejudice”, “Gross Prosecutorial Misconduct”… — The Last Refuge

Wow. Follow up to THIS STORY – In a stunning rebuke to federal prosecutors a federal court judge has thrown out the case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy “with prejudice”. Bundy and his sons cannot be retried, and will walk free. In order for a federal judge to completely dismiss a case of this significance […]

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George Soros Admits ‘Trump Is Winning’ — Nwo Report

Arlin Report

George Soros has been forced to abandon his threat to crash the American economy following President Trump’s unexpected success. The billionaire globalist had originally placed bets on Trump failing, the US stock market crashing and giant corporations filing for bankruptcy. reports: US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings show the George Soros’ investment fund […]

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Must be tired of wasting all that money on anti-Trump, anti-American……and other hate groups set to destroy America……He has been funding snowflakes, liberals and other idiots.

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 Absolute evidence of weather manipulation global satellite image

 Absolute evidence of weather manipulation ! This global satellite image was noticed by Eric Hughes Jones on the morning of September 12 . The image indicates artificially generated weather streams originating from the west coast of Africa , precisely where hurricanes begin . The two streams look eerily similar to the twin towers that were demolished on September 11 . This image was taken on September 12 2017 at 7am eastern time from

This is a screen shot below of the Live Weather satellite imagery

The visible satellite imagery is essentially a snapshot of what the satellite sees, unlike Infrared (IR) satellite imagery, which depicts the temperature of the clouds. As the sun approaches midday over a given area, clouds will appear as bright white, as opposed to gray at sunrise and sunset. This is due to more sunlight being reflected as the sun moves overhead. A weather satellite is a type of satellite that is primarily used to monitor the weather and climate of the Earth. Satellites can be either polar orbiting, seeing the same swath of the Earth every 12 hours, or geostationary, hovering over the same spot on Earth by orbiting over the equator while moving at the speed of the Earth’s rotation. These meteorological satellites, however, see more than clouds and cloud systems.


This is the live image at your current time


SOS Witches Court locked up Broadcaster Chris Cave Psychiatric Hospital!

 The witches court has locked him in a
psychiatric hospital, due to his political beliefs, for over
moved to Clark County Nevada Jail. Chris has a competency
hearing today, Friday 6/23/2017 @ 9am Pacific time.
Competency Judge Jennifer Togliatti 702-671-4395 needs to
hear from us that Chris is not only competent, he is
brilliant and this entire patriot persecution stinks of
exactly what the Soviet Union did to Alexander Solzhenitsyn,
author of Gulag Archipelago. The Vicar General is out of
town so we have been referred to Arch Bishop Pepe’
702-735-9605. Call him and respectfully require his
intervention for Chris’ immediate release. Chris is no
danger to himself or others; that is the legal standard for
mandatory psychiatric incarceration. If the Arch Bishop
requires payment, ask him to take it out of your Cestui
trust (pursuant to the Cestui que Vie Act of 1666). The case
number for Chris Cave is: C-17-320454-1.



Competency Judge Jennifer Togliatti 702-671-4395

6980 S. Cimarron Road, Ste. 210
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Tel: (702) 960-4494
Toll Free: (855) 777-4276
Toll Free Fax: (855) 777-4557

6/23/2017 at 2:00:00 PM 30 minutes
Las+Vegas Chris+Cave Political Jail SOS Emergency Alex+Jones Infowar Rush, USA Justice Liberty Freedom Truth



Jury nullification : it’s your right and your duty ! For hundreds of years jury nullification has occurred when a jury finds a defendant not guilty , even though the defendant may have opposed rejected or the code in question . It is not a violation to oppose or reject an immoral or unconstitutional code , and codes are NOT law when they are in opposition to the Constitution , which is the supreme law of the land . It’s called the supremacy clause . Because the attorneys , judges and local government make so much money by passing unlawful codes and regulations , they continue to invent an illusion of criminal activity where there is none . This court for profit system eventually destroys freedom in the community . Therefore it is essential for you the juror to realize and exercise your role as the blocker of a power hungry court system AND as the final enforcer of freedom among the people . Remember two things : 1 : society , or the state , cannot be a victim . It is called a fictitious entity , meaning false or made up . Only a living man or woman can claim to be a victim . No victim , no crime . 2 : YOU the juror are the judge and the judge is nothing more than a referee with no authority to tell the jury how they can interpret the law . Any judge who instructs the jury is committing jury tampering , a felony . They use intimidation and manipulation to control the jury . Do not submit to the unlawful pressure from the judge , he or she has a very large financial stake in creating guilty verdicts because the pension funds they rely upon for retirement are heavily invested in the private prison industry . As a juror you have total immunity to vote your conscience regardless of any threats by the jury-tampering judge . Someone’s freedom will rest in your hands if you are selected as a juror, and it is your right and your duty to judge the fairness of the law as well as the facts . If the law is wrong , or no living victim is injured , the verdict is “not guilty” and freedom wins for everyone, including you the juror. “The Pages of history shine on instance of the jury’s exercise of its prerogative to disregard instructions of the judge..”US vs Dougherty 1972  

PDF file Click here:Jurynullification (1)

Fully Informed Jury Association