Anna Taylor Locked in the psychiatric ward for exposing court corruption as witness!

POLITICAL PRISONER Anna Taylor of Connecticut

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STUDIO1776 exclusive : The Anna Taylor case . She is a single parent , locked in the psychiatric ward at Middlesex hospital in Connecticut , for exposing court corruption on the witness stand . Tune in and get involved to help Anna , Single parents helping single parents Be there !

Locked in the psychiatric ward for exposing court corruption as witness!

.*****Falsified documents by DCF / Bristol Hospital – Falsifying injuries and needing serious surgery- Baby was born perfect and thriving. Explanation on various knowing and willfully manufactured. Click on PDF file to see the documents! 

PDF file 1639_001.RAJ



  •  On Feb 14, 2017 8:32 AM, “Anna Taylor” wrote:

    1) In previous juvenile proceedings I was fraudulently declared incompetent, and my children were farmed out by illegal adoption.

    2) In previous juvenile proceedings, a doctor, Marvin Zelman, opined that because I disagreed with the agency and charges, I should be titrated against my will with intramuscular injections of atypical antipsychotics to ensure competency although not guarantee competency. I refused.
    3) I was forced into oppression and poverty with the no Human Rights Commission Council.
    4) I was so distraught that I decided that I should temporarily have social security benefits to proceed legally.
    5) Being of the age of child-bearing, impending the birth of my daughter, I knew that my fetus would be harmed with psychotropics. I had no confidence in the medical field and was currently researching a black mark system database, that agencies would red flag and kidnap another infant at birth. I decided to have a home birth.
    6) 24 hours after birth an ambulance was called. I consented for my infant to be treated, however I would not sign for myself because I knew what they were preparing to do to me.
    7) The doctors, commited fraud, faxed over papers to the Probate Court, that my daughter was critically ill and required surgery and I would not consent for it. Probate judge issued an ex parte decision.
    8) Within 5 minutes of my arrival at the hospital a chronological outline, indicated that the apgar scale for my child was healthy.
    9) Three hours after my arrival at Hospital, my removal was executed by force. Social workers  from hospital assured me that if I spoke to a social worker, that I could stay the entire night with my baby, so I can nurse the baby with mother’s milk as I had planned all along.
    11) Behind closed doors, I overheard police conspiring that would I sign consent to be treated at the hospital, that doctors could place me up in the psychiatric ward.
    10) I stood outside the hospital for hours with a police Fleet Squad preventing my reentry with parmour.
    11) Yesterday evening my attorney Lisa Vincent contacted me and stated that my evaluation had arrived, and I have been declared ‘intermittently incompetent’ by Dr. Mantell.
    12) A guardian ad litem would replace Lisa Vincent. However, those are not my wishes I have contacted attorney Lisa Vincent one year ago and we have been working diligently on our case.
    13) June, one year ago, attorney Lisa Vincent, contacted the Department of Justice to investigate the agency AND Juvenile Waterford Court Division, to ask how to proceed.  Department of Justice informed Lisa on how to proceed using the newly revised Ada technical guidance. And Lisa gave education and specific instructions to the judge presiding. However Chris Aker, the Attorney General refused to have me accommodated under the ADA. DOJ opened an investigation.
    15) Less than 24 hours notice of the evaluation received from Dr. Mantell to my attorney Lisa Vincent, we are verbally summoned to appear today at 9 Juvenile Waterford Court Division. It’s a sealed case, only summary judgment.
    Although the Department of Justice gave Lisa instructions on how to proceed with a jury trial, attorney Chris Aker and Judge Mac refused to acknowledge or accommodate the ADA and the new ADA technical guidance of 6000 pages.
    16) Judge Mack recently recused and removed himself. Today I believe Judge Driscoll will have stepped in.
    17) A guardian ad litem will be appointed today which will force Lisa Vincent, to be removed from the case. And fear tactics verbalized by Chris Aker about foresnsic whiting if I were to proceed with a jury trial, and would be criminally charged and locked into a Forensic Whiting in Middletown, Ct.
    18) I am very familiar with cchr and of forced psychotropics. I believe if ad litem is appointed today, there’s no telling what kind of Humanity crimes they will get away with, and my life is at their disposal, covering up government child abduction crises, white coat crimes, judicial corruption, along with titration destroys the evidence. It is frightening and I am under duress.
    State of Connecticut Superior Court Juvenile Matters Office of the Clerk
    978 Hartford Turnpike
    Waterford Connecticut 06385
    This is the one Note no licience for MD in CT noted or College / Teaching Licience noted

    3/24/2018 at 5:00:00 PM 120 minutes
    Mantell+David+Mark+Phd Anna+Taylor Daniel+J+Leach+Jr Eric+Jones Single+Parent CPS USA Justice Liberty Truth

    On Sunday, March 5, 2017, 4:46:36 PM EST, Anna Taylor

    Just FYI – Anna was found competent today. Let’s talk more as planned.

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Feb 14, 2017, at 11:57 AM,
    Thank you Ana nad Attorney Vincent,

    Mantell also did the evaluation in this case I have been working on /showcase/dcfcourt-neglect-of- william-biserni-part-1/ and as can be seen in the attached affidavit.

    Psychologist David Mantell’s claim to infamy is a reduplication of the very controversial Stanley Milgram expirement that Mantell did in Munich Germany. I recall Milgram getting a year censureship, suspension or probation (I will have to look this up) for the psychological harm done the unwitting human guinea pigs in the experiment while nothing happened to Mantell.

    Here’s a little data but more research can easily be done.. Hopefully, this data and testimony from Jane Biserni (also falsely diagnosed by Mantell) can be used to discredit him.

    Ethics in Practice: Lawyers’ Roles, Responsibilities, and Regulation

    Deborah L. Rhode – 2003 – ‎Law

    In 1970, David Mantell repeated some of the Milgram experiments in Munich, obtaining an … in Developmental Psychology (P. Mussen, J. Langer and M. Covington eds. … Stanley Milgram, “Behavioral Study of Obedience,” 67 J. Abnormal The …

    Illusions of Reality: A History of Deception in Social Psychology

    James H. Korn – 1997 – ‎Medical

    A History of Deception in Social Psychology James H. Korn … David Mantell (1971) thought this could be done by providing an example or model … in the condition that was comparable to Milgram’s original study, more subjects … Students were deceived about the purpose Stanley Milgram and the Illusion of Obedience 105.

    Behind the Shock Machine: The Untold Story of the Notorious Milgram …

    Gina Perry – 2013 – ‎Psychology

    The Untold Story of the Notorious Milgram Psychology Experiments Gina … Thomas Blass, The Man Who Shocked the World: The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram (New York: Basic, 2004), … In Trotter, “CBS to Dramatize Milgram Studies,” 4. … Milgram threatened psychologist David Mantell with legal action for 10. using …

    Moscow State Regional Institute of Humanities and Social Studies … Seminar, titled To the 50th anniversary of the first obedience experiments of Stanley Milgram (Kolomna-Moscow, 2010). …. David Mantell is a forensic clinical psychologist


    The Man with Most Power in this case to contact:                          Reverend Leonard P. Blair, S.T.D. 1(860)541-6491

    Fifth Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Hartford

    134 Farmington Ave. Hartford, CT 06105
    Chase T. Rogers
    Chase T. Rogers is the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, the second woman to serve in this capacity. She announced on November 2, 2017, that she would retire in February 2018.

    Contact Us – Middlesex Hospital

    Vincent Capece Jr.

    3rd degree connection3rd

    President & CEO at Middlesex Hospital

    Middlesex Hospital

     University of Connecticut

    Mental Health Clinic 860-358-8760


    Joseph Marino is a probate judge for the Middletown Probate District in Connecticut.[2] He was re-elected without opposition in 2014, winning a four-year term that expires on January 8, 2019.[3][4]   

    Marino earned his undergraduate degree from John Carroll University and his J.D.from the Catholic University in Washington, D.C.[6]

    The Middletown Probate District is one of 54 probate courts in Connecticut. It has jurisdiction over the towns and cities of Cromwell, Durham, Middlefield and Middletown.[1]

    It was created by the State Legislature’s Public Act 09-01, effective January 5, 2011.

    Anna Taylors psychiatrist is a member of the Max Plank society , previously called the Kaiser Wilhelm society which trained and supplied German doctors for the third Reich during WW2 ! ! 

    The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science is a formally independent non-governmental and non-profit association of German research institutes founded in 1911 as the Kaiser Wilhelm Society …Wikipedia

    Kaiser Wilhelm Society
    The Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Science was a German scientific institution established in the German Empire in 1911.Wikipedia

    Human Rights course, Studies in Obedience, hosts Mr. David Mantell

    Oct 6, 2014 – [Human Rights course, Studies in Obedience, hosts Mr. … The man and the experiment that shocked the world – Stanley Milgram at Yale, … Today, he oversees a private practice in clinical forensic psychology at …

    David Mark Mantell PHD
    16 Russell StNew BritainCT06052
    Category :
    Business Description
    David Mantell PHD is located in New Britain, Connecticut. This organization primarily operates in the Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Hypnotist business / industry within the Health Services sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 29 years. David Mantell PHD is estimated to generate $111,213 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 3 people at this single location.

    Infancy (<1), Toddlerhood (1-3), Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), School Age (6-12), Adolescence (13-21), Adulthood (22+)



    Services Provided

    Psychologist specializing in working with children/adolescents and their families, regarding divorce issues


    THIS ONE _ Obedience >>>>>> Victim Anna taylor and Infant Jolie Pomerleau requesting your assistance for today’s case as discussed last night Monday February 13, 2017.
    • Mar 24 at 11:03 AM

    Just FYI – Anna was found competent today. Let’s talk more as planned.

    On Feb 14, 2017, at 11:57 AM, Kevin Hall

    Thank you Ana nad Attorney Vincent,

    Mantell also did the evaluation in this case I have been working on /showcase/dcfcourt-neglect-of- william-biserni-part-1/ and as can be seen in the attached affidavit.

    Psychologist David Mantell’s claim to infamy is a reduplication of the very controversial Stanley Milgram expirement that Mantell did in Munich Germany. I recall Milgram getting a year censureship, suspension or probation (I will have to look this up) for the psychological harm done the unwitting human guinea pigs in the experiment while nothing happened to Mantell.

    Here’s a little data but more research can easily be done.. Hopefully, this data and testimony from Jane Biserni (also falsely diagnosed by Mantell) can be used to discredit him.
    – Cristina I. Sanchez-Torres, M.D. states Anna is falsely that grandious, etc….


    Pruitt’s Tree Resin

    Po Box 298, Eminence, Missouri 65466

    Alternative & Holistic Health Service
    UPDATE Anna Taylors EX Attorney Lisa Vincent contacted

    Lisa Vincent
    This is Lisa Vincent, the attorney connected to Anna Taylor. I have great respect for Anna Taylor. But you are doing a grave disservicee by implying that I have done harm to her or that I am involved in any injustice that has come her way. You should have all the facts before you publish or broadcast my name again. You can defend Anna without disparaging me in the process and Anna will be the first person to tell you that. You do not have a clue what has really gone on here. So please leave my name out of it.Create Appointment
    Courtroom Watch
    Definitely interested in your side of the story my apologies if anybody said anything negative about you and we’ll consider your request and retracte anything negative about you.
    Lisa Vincent
    I will be happy to provide my side of the story if you will. For right now I will be quite happy if you can just refrain from using my full name in future stories. My name is all over that audioe for no reason whatsoever other than someone thinks they know something about me. They don’t..
    Courtroom Watch
    Understood I’m gonna talk with the team about this asap hopefully no more misunderstanding will happen especially because we all are just trying to help Anna.
    Lisa Vincent
    Anna is a good person. She really has been victimized by our system and she really has had children wrongfully taken from her. I have spent over two years defending her. I was hired privately and I accepted the little bbit of money she had to offer. To the extent that any person implies I have thrown her under the bus or taken money from others or treated her in some poor manner because the money ran out, I deny it and am offended to the core. People put that idea in her mind and it destroyed her trust in me. I spent a year DEFENDING her against allegations of incompentence and I WON that argument not withstanding Mantell.
    Lisa Vincent
    And I was going to win her trial. Or at least give my damnest to try to win it. She went to Mantell because I told her to go. And she kicked ass. I could have beat it. But now it is over and she is locked in a psych ward and I am spending over 3K to install a security system and shopping around for pepper spray.
    Lisa Vincent
    The reason for that is that OTHER people told her that I wasn’t really helping her because I wouldn’t do what NON-LAWYERS told her I should be doing. Those people have committed a crime in my opinion and they can blame themselves for the situation that Anna is in right now.
    Lisa Vincent
    As I told Anna – I didn’t choose Mantell. I didn’t create our system. Nor do I have the ability to get her child back by focusing on security bonds and bank fraud. I have to operate within the system that exists. For that, I apparently need to pay a heavy price in that I will allegedly suffer an untimely death. I say F— that. I have the recording and Anna knows what she said. But Anna is NOT the problem. It is the crazy people hearing my name in places like this that will really leave me at risk. So please leave my name out of it.
    Lisa Vincent
    And if you want to know what I am about, look me up. I don’t exactly keep my activities private.
    Courtroom Watch
    Lisa I’m sorry to hear that you are being under threat by anyone especially for being a defense attorney. Nobody deserves that kinda stressful situation. I definitely appreciate your thoughts and appreciate the fact that you have contacted us personally about this case. I’d like to keep in contact with you in regards to Anna Taylor if you’d be interested in getting her justice. We’ve gotten behind others and helped bring a spotlight on the justice system and have had success just being a voice for those people that have been in similar situations as Anna. All we want is for the court system to know that it’s being held accountable for it’s actions. Justice for all even yourself deserves peace when you do what’s right in the sight of God and we the People. Thanks again for reaching out.

    Lisa Vincent
    I appreciate your time. Yes. You can always reach out to me in re: Anna Taylor presuming that Anna gives you permission to do so. Anna does have rights. I have no intention of stepping on them and I certainly wish for her the best of all things.



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    STUDIO1776 exclusive : The Anna Taylor case . She is a single parent , locked in the psychiatric ward at Middlesex hospital in Connecticut , for exposing court corruption on the witness stand . Tune in and get involved to help Anna , tonight at 8 pm eastern on Studio1776 and facebook Single parents helping single parents .org Be there !


    1. PART I: The dirty warfare
      Scientology was officially founded in Germany in 1970, although the first group had already been established in 1968, mainly by publics of Saint Hill. Among them was Munich arts professor Waki Zoellner. It didn’t take long until the “Church of Scientology Germany” had to fight its first war against visible and invisible enemies. The warriors were quite un-experienced but the weapons and means were chosen by the book:
      When David Mantell (age 30) of the Max-Planck Institute for Psychopathology and Psychotherapy made his critical opinion about the therapy of the Scientologists public, the Guardian Office used immediately its magazine Freedom to smear the Institute. Freedom called Mantell a Nazi and alleged that the “bloody crimes of psychiatry didn’t end with the decline of the ‘3rd Reich'”. Hermann Brendel, spokesperson of the Guardian Office (GO), even told that the successors of the nazi doctors nowadays would blame the fact that “they couldn’t order fresh and bloody brain tissues of children like it was done in Nazi Germany”.
      In the same year Journalist Constanze Elsner received numerous anonymous telephone calls at night after a critical radio show on Scientology she had produced was aired. The male voices told her she would be killed the next day. The Munich Post Office later found out that the calls came from the office telephone of Hermann Brendel, spokesperson of the GO. His office was also used as the “Press Information Center” of the Scientology Church in Munich.

      The Guardian Office was also busy on spying critic Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack, a Lutheran priest who consulted Ex-Scientologists. He was surveilled by a prvate investigator and a false psychology student with name Jacobi who tried to infiltrate his private area. At the same time the successor of Hermann Brendel, Martin Ostertag, tried to discredit Haack by saying publicly that he would sell doctor titles. Meanwhile the chairman of a Munich Medical Association, Mr. Jürgen Bausch, critized the medical claims of Scientology. Promptly he got visits by a PI and the plant Jacobi.

      Ostertag condemned all the critical statements made by Haack, Bausch, Elsner and Mantell and made a psychiatric conspiracy responsible for all the bad press on Scientology in Germany.

      The years 1973 and 1974
      In 1973 a critical report on Scientology appeared in the magazine “Neue Revue”. In that report journalist Fred Koenig cited a report of the German Federal CID (“BKA”), which mainly consisted from parts of a another report on Scientology written by Scotland Yard, which had been sent to Germany by Interpol. The BKA-report was written after the Max-Planck-Institute had requested an investigation on Scientology at the Ministry for Youth, Family & Health in Bonn.
      After the Scientologists had allegedly found that out through a journalist from Berlin, they started to launch their most massive legal attack against its critics up to this day. The Church of Scientology Germany and foreign Scn-organizations filed immediately individual suits in Munich, Bonn, Cologne, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, New York, Washington and Toronto against the following persons and institutions:

      The Max-Planck-Institute,
      the director of the Max-Planck Institute for Psychiatry,
      the Federal Republic of Germany,
      the president of the Federal CID (BKA) Dr. Horst Herold,
      two other named officials of the BKA,
      the Federal Minister for Youth, Family & Health,
      the Federal Minister for Domestic Affairs,
      the magazine “Neue Revue”,
      the journalist Fred Koenig,
      and last but not least the presidents of Scotland Yard and Interpol.

      Scientology’s main interest was of course to silence all federal critics of their organization and to prohibit the publication of the BKA-report.

      To my knowledge, noone from the above parties was ever sentenced by a court in that litigations. At least the critical BKA stayed confidential until the end of the seventies when a non-profit organization for consumer rights from Stuttgart (ABI) finally succeeded at a Superior Court with the right to quote from that report.

      Two sub-organizations of Scientology were founded in that early years: The “KVPM” (the German “CCHR”) in 1972 and the “Commission for Police Reform”, headed by Martin Ostertag. The staff of these organizations consisted mainly of GO-staff like Ostertag and GO-FSMs.

      Also in 1973 a young man started his carreer at the Scientology Church in Munich. He was the son of an Austrian post office worker. His name was Kurt Weiland.

      On July 18th Scientologist Martin Wolf was found guilty by the lower District Court Munich of forgery of documents and casting false suspicion on a government official. He got sentenced to a fine of 2,000 DM.
      During the trial the court found out that in 1974 Wolf had sent various cash remittances to the defense commissioner Heinz Weldhoff and had filed simultaneously an anonymous report at the local CID about Weldhoff, accusing him of accepting bribe money. It was also found out that Weldhoff became the target of Wolf after he had denied the applications of two Scientologists for exemption from military service.

      Meanwhile the Guardian’s Office continued its war against critic Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack. In an leaflet GO staff Kurt Weiland called Haack “an inquisitor of the 20th century” and accused him of publishing a woman’s seal of profession in the German sex-magazine “Praline”. On October 29th the higher District Court Munich I released an interim order against Weiland.

      In Stuttgart the non-profit organization for consumer protection “ABI e. V” started legal actions for unfair competition against the local Scientology-organization, because of their aggressive way of selling books on the streets of Stuttgart. Scientology-Stuttgart and -Munich sued back and involved ABI in 8 different lawsuits. The CoS especially tried to prohibit various allegations the ABI chairmen Eberhard Kleinmann and Ingo Heinemann had published about Scientology in their ABI-newsletter. All of these lawsuits were finally lost by the CoS. Among others Kleinmann and Heinemann had further the right to say that “Scientology is the world’s biggest organization of unqualified people”.

      Scientology also organized two pickets in Stuttgart against ABI accusing the organization of violating the freedom of religion. One participant of the picket was the then president of Scientology Germany Sepp Hasslberger.

      The GO also founded another suborganization, the “Commission for Citizen’s Security against Data Abuse”. It was headed by the Scientologists Rolf Sieb and attorney Dr. Ulrich Buehler. Its main purpose was the establishment of a German-type “Freedom of Information Act”.

      After the Higher District Court Munich I issued the interim order against Kurt Weiland it also forbade in the following civil lawsuit to allege that the Scientology-critc Haack had actually published a woman’s seal of confession in a porn magazine and that he had offended against the 8th commandment “when he had tried to blacken another religion”.
      On June 23rd Weiland was sentenced to pay all the court- and attorney-costs.

      Few months later Weiland had also to endure a criminal trail at the Lower District Court following for the same facts. On November 16th a juvenile judge finally sentenced him (age 21) to pay 100 DM to an orphans’ home.

      On November 18th (two days after!) Kurt Weiland and two other GO-staff (Moyses, Stoffel) attended an information event about cults held by catholic priest Loeffelmann in a church in Munich. During an open discussion with Loeffelmann about Scientology Weiland told in front of all attendees again that Haack had violated the seal of confession. Another court litigation series followed…

      During that year the German CCHR, the KVPM e. V., continued its war against psychiatric institutions. Its first attacks had started against the District Hospital Gabersee/Wasserburg in Bavaria in 1973 and had its end in a court litigation at the Higher Regional Court in 1975. The Chairman of KVPM, Georg Mesmer, had been finally sentenced to an injunction and a retraction. Mesmer had alleged that the hospital would produce “six deaths on one healed”.

      Its new target in 1976 was the District Hospital in Haar near Munich. In the local press KVPM reported among the usual psychiatric atrocities about an elderly lady who wasn’t able to recognize her relatives after she had received a shock therapy in Haar. An independent investigation of the district parliament in Southern Bavaria followed and its findings were issued in an extensive report. It refuted all the allegations of KVPM. Nevertheless KVPM issued another atrocities report in “Freedom”-magazine, talking again about electro shock treatments, human rights abuses and “soul operations” in Haar.

      At the same time KVPM started in the state Baden-Wuerttemberg similar actions. Psychiatric hospitals, like the PLK in Winnenden near Stuttgart, were visited by the “Commission” headed by GO-staff Matthias Kromer. Insistently he called for a general reform of psychiatry, after KVPM ended its visits.

      In November 1976 the first raid on a Scientology organization in Germany was conducted. A District Attorney from Hamburg personally led the raid in Munich organization to get a hold of certain documents he needed for a penal suit. The Guardian’s Office answered the raid in its own peculiar way: About a dozen criminal complaints by “single Scientologists” were filed against the DA and Freedom magazine supported the action by highlighting the “high criminality rate”, the drug problems and the prostitution, the city of Hamburg has to endure and that this particular DA wasn’t doing anything against it.

      In 1977 Kurt Weiland continued his war against the Protestant Church mainly by writing letters. Various Church institutions, like the EKD in Hannover, EZW in Stuttgart and local protestant churches received numerous letters by GO’s PR man, being accused of “religious persecution”. Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack, who published his book “New youth religions” also received mail by Weiland. He was threatened with legal action and was demanded to sign a declaration of omission, in which he should admit “his lies about Scientology”.
      Haack was included in a criminal complaint the CoS filed against the board of the non-profit organization “ABI e. V”, which had published his newest newsletter No. 59 with critical information about Scientology.

      In Berlin journalist Jochen Maes investigated and disclosed the financial funding of about 1,5 Million DM of Narconon by the city of Berlin and the channelling of the money to Scientology. Maes’ findings and reports caused a major scandal and while Narconon’s president Peter-Uwe Krumholz fled uproad, the GO tried to silence the journalist with their usual means: anonymous phone calls at night, legal motions for interim orders and personal visits by GO officials. All combined with threats.

      A tv reporter team (“Report”) who planned to film a documentary about the Narconon scandal had to take his share too. Fred Marek and Peter Mezger were slapped in the face, threatened with being beaten up and of course with legal steps while they were trying to interview staff at the Narconon Center.

      1978 saw several defeats of the Scientology-organization in different court battles.
      On April, 5th the Higher District Court Munich I sentenced GO spokesman Kurt Weiland to pay 750 DM for the repeated slander against Scientology-critic Friedrich Wilhelm Haack. At the end it was the fifth court judgement against Weiland in a series of civil suits and criminal procedures practically over the same accusation made by Weiland.

      On January 25th, newly appointed GO-staff Helmuth Bloebaum had its first major public appearance. Accompanied by Kurt Weiland he attended a hearing at the state parliament in Nordrhein-Westfalen. The hearing took place on request by several petitioners due to the activities of Scientology in that state and the installment of a mission at the city of Gelsenkirchen. Right at the beginning Weiland took the stand and attacked the present hearing members and accused them for having placed him and Bloebaum under a nazi-like “Public Court of Justice” (“Volksgerichtshof”) at this hearing. He then gave a lengthy description about Scientology, in which he described the aim of his religion as “trying to live without sin, but not in a Christian context”.

      Asked for the circumstances regarding the employment of the Scientology-staff and the treatment of leaving members, he nevertheless openly lied: “All staff have a medical insurance and a pension scheme,” and, “Everyone can freely leave the Church at his own will.” Two days later, on January 27th, the non-profit organization “ABI e.V.” won its 9th legal victory over Scientology since 1975. The Higher District Court Munich I granted the organization the right to maintain the claim that “Scientology is a serious threat to society” and that “Scientology is the world biggest organization of unqualified people.” Thereby the court in Munich followed the same decision the Higher District Court in Stuttgart had ruled earlier.

      On July 26th the Higher District Court Munich I dismissed another suit started by Scientology against the publication of Haack’s book “New Youth Religions”. Yet that court ruling didn’t end the legal war of Scientology and its critics in that year, as the Guardian’s Office filed a suit at the Constitional Court in Karlsruhe against the Federal Ministry for Youth, Family and Health for the publication of a critical booklet about Scientology. More civil suits were announced because of the booklet, including a 500,000 DM-action for damages.

      [ Scientology vs. Germany | Main Scientology page ]

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    STUDIO1776 exclusive : The Anna Taylor case . She is a single parent , locked in the psychiatric ward at Middlesex hospital in Connecticut , for exposing court corruption on the witness stand . Tune in and get involved to help Anna , tonight at 8 pm eastern on Studio1776 and facebook Single parents helping single parents .org Be there !


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