US Navy Vet Tyler Whitman Medically Kidnapped locked in psych ward and forced medicated!

Major Emergency case just popped up , US Navy Vet Medically kidnapped

Major emergency case just popped up , Navy Vet Tyler Whitman locked in psych ward and forced medication , clear your plate for tonight #Studio1776, thanks this show might just make the National news because we are gonna be talking directly with a Political Prisoner Activist and Navy Veteran from a South Carolina state sponsored detention center. 7:30 central 8:30 Pm Eastern time zone tonight.

4/14/2018 at 6:30:00 PM 90 minutes
Eric+Jones Daniel+J+Leach+Jr Dave+Pruitt Tyler+Whitman ColumbiaSouth+Carolina
Hi Eric, This is Tyler Whitman,
I’ve attached the court order/affidavit that put me in this facility last May of 2017.  Also, I’m attaching the first part of the conversation with the VA psychiatrist, Dr. Othersen
PDF: File rfc court order

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