US Navy Vet Tyler Whitman Medically Kidnapped locked in psych ward and forced medicated!

Major Emergency case just popped up , US Navy Vet Medically kidnapped

Major emergency case just popped up , Navy Vet Tyler Whitman locked in psych ward and forced medication , clear your plate for tonight #Studio1776, thanks this show might just make the National news because we are gonna be talking directly with a Political Prisoner Activist and Navy Veteran from a South Carolina state sponsored detention center. 7:30 central 8:30 Pm Eastern time zone tonight.

4/14/2018 at 6:30:00 PM 90 minutes
Eric+Jones Daniel+J+Leach+Jr Dave+Pruitt Tyler+Whitman ColumbiaSouth+Carolina
Hi Eric, This is Tyler Whitman,
I’ve attached the court order/affidavit that put me in this facility last May of 2017.  Also, I’m attaching the first part of the conversation with the VA psychiatrist, Dr. Othersen
PDF: File rfc court order

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3 thoughts on “US Navy Vet Tyler Whitman Medically Kidnapped locked in psych ward and forced medicated!”

  1. ATT: Eric JONES

    Hi Eric,

    A few months ago whilst doing research on some mental health issues, I came across documents and information relating to the DEBUNKING of MENTAL ILLNESS, SCHIZOPHRENIA and PSYCHIATRY due to lack of scientific research or pathology to back up claims of same.

    This information has been buried under the current agendas of many layers of laws for obvious purposes within our powers ALL of which are against human rights principles. The medical professionals who began this debunking process are highly qualified and respected within their own disciplines.

    I believe that your perusal of this website and the freely available .pdf will arm you with the goods to be able to crack open Tyler’s case and expose the idiocy of said subject matter and have him out of that medical centre in quick time. Psychiatric-fraud.pdf
    a broad search of stop psychiatry will also render you an enormous amount of additional data.

    I do hope that this will help Tyler’s case immediately and provide you with many options in curtailing the horrendous processes being forced on the cross section of the general public which needs to happen “yesterday”.

    Looking forward to the reporting back on your progress via your ezine.

    All the best for now,

    Bet KAY
    +61447654518 (N.S.W. Australia)

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    1. Tyler is getting a bum rap. He’s done his time and now wants to contribute to society. He is a very intelligent human being with a great personality. He deserves a chance. There are many other reasons why he is being held hostage. His pension and talents make people money!

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