Emergency phone blitz needed ! for patriot Mary Fiore of Albany NY

Emergency phone blitz needed ! for patriot Mary Fiore in Albany NY 518-527-8707 she works long hours cleaning houses and often stays in her car to save money . she was abducted by nazi harlot Tim Haloran of the Guilderland police for not using her blinker and she bravely defended herself at trial.  As retaliation the witches and nazis of Guilderland are going to suspend her licence if 500 dollars extortion is not paid to the mason judges of upstate NY , even though the case is on appeal and no lawful action should occur until appeal is decided ! public pressure needed on chief Waller 518-356-1980 witch Dick Sherwood 518-836-5926 vicar general Berberian 518-453-6612 demand they cease their unlawful aggression and trespass against Mary ! Stealing her licence before the appeals decision and denial of payment options will destroy Mary’s life ! stay involved and keep national attention on these cases in which reprisal and retaliation is obviously occurring against patriots and those like Mary who stand upon principles of truth and freedom ! Thank you !

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