Emergency Phone Blitz And habeas corpus Blitz for Mega Patriots Ryan & Ammon Bundy!

Emergency Phone Blitz And habeas corpus Blitz for Mega Patriots Ryan & Ammon Bundy!
Need more calls than ever for a family that has done more for Freedom than any other!
Habeas corpus is at Bundy Ranch facebook and twitter.
Simply print, sign, date it, and mail them separately!
2 Stamps to free 2 Patriots!
Ryan was recently beaten by several jailers, denied a top lawyer and robbed by jailers of his paperwork, now self representing.  We observers know who really calls the shots:
Vicar General Pete Smith 503-234-5334
Judicial Vicar Pat Brennan 503-234-5334
Require commander Fitzgerald Provost Marshal arrest the Feds! 503-335-4104
Sheriff Mike Reese  503-988-4300
These disgusting ostracizes and war crimes are truly reminiscence of what the Nazis did to their own people.
This nightmarish rampage by pathological liars and psychopathic killers in government drag WILL be stopped by Patriots!  Easy way or the hard way!  This is NOT a prosecution it is PERSECUTION, make it clear to the moral retards that ALL agents involved WILL swing from a rope!!!
Written by Eric Hughes Jones and Forwarded by Daniel J Leach Jr and
Jury Nullification occurs when a jury finds a defendant not guilty even if the defendant is technically guilty of breaking the statue.  Since state statues are beneath constitutional protections for freedom, affirmed in the supremacy clause of the constitution, a juror may find the defendant not guilty if the law is immoral or wrongly applied, regardless of what the judge tells you.  Judges commit jury tampering everyday by instructing jurors to ignore jury nullification.  A judge’s salary and pension are directly dependent on incarceration of as many people as possible therefore lining their pockets with every guilty verdict that they create.  With clear conscious any juror can and must hold the line and set free any man or woman being violated by an incorporated government and its incorporated court.  Society (the state) CANNOT BE A VICTIM if no person was directly harmed by the accused, a jury must set them free regardless of what the corporate judge tells you.  Learn more at FIJA.org

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