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Emergency phone blitz for Medical kidnapped US Veteran Micheal Large

Emergency phone blitz for Micheal Large! Mike served honorably in the U.S. Air Force from 1970-1974 and received an honorable discharge after serving. Now, the corporate government is claiming that Mike is delusional and mentally ill, they have locked him up in a psychiatric ward, against his will. According to the attending nurse, who I spoke with on Friday, Mike is not allowed to leave his room. He is also being denied a HIPPA release form and a bible for him to read. Mike is Locked up for simply discussing military psychological weapons programs and government funding with taxpayer dollars. Apparently, the mentally disabled people in Montgomery County Pennsylvania government, courts and hospitals are ignorant of programs such as the Medical University of South Carolina research into brain function and psychological manipulation of soldiers, funded by DARPA. Or how about the Neurotor, the worlds most advanced brain monitoring device, developed by Trumps education secretary Betsy DeVos, at her private company Nuro-Core. She sold the licence for the Neurotor to Israeli Aircraft Industries so the IDF pilots can interface their brain function with super-computers to enhance their performance in killing other people. This is occuring in every military, Israel and the U.S. just happen to be at the fore-front because of the enormous wealth that the people have allowed them to steal through taxation and borrowing from the private bankers at the Federal Reserve. We need hundreds of calls and emails to the following henchmen, and henchwomen, demanding the IMMEDIATE RELEASE of Micheal Large. This is an extremely important test case. The government and hospitals claim this is legal due to chapter 10 of the US code, section 2358. Abington/Jefferson University Hospital CEO Steven Klasko 215-955-6617. Upper Moreland Police Chief Mike Murphy 215-659-3100. Archbishop Charles Chaput 215-587-4507 Why is Micheal being denied a bible? We stand together with Micheal !!

⚖️ We stand with fraudulently psychiatrically incarcerated ✈️ U. S. Air Force veteran 🇺🇸 Michael Large. Stand with us!
*Flood the below numbers in Pennsylvania with calls demanding the immediate release of Michael. Please be polite and professional:
-Judge Gary S. Silow (for Friday 1/24/19 court date) – 610.278.1694 (office- kind Secretary Laura Bearoff), or 610.292.5014 (kind law clerk Charles Gambrione, Esq.)
-Abington-Jefferson Hospital CEO –
Jefferson Health: Stephen K. Klasko 215.955.6617;
Abington Hospital: Laurence M. Merlis (& kind asst. Theresa) 215.503.3372
-Upper Moreland Police Chief Michael Murphy (liable for removing him from his home) – 215.659.3100
**Archbishop Charles C. Chaput (has the most power in this case) – 215.587.3500
-Vicar General Timothy C. Senior – 215.587.4507



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