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The Entire Texas Judicial Website is Down!

It’s Friday, May 8, 5:51PM, the day after CourtroomWatch.com initiated a complaint blitz in an effort to prevent several corrupt Texas judges along with the Dallas County District Attorney from ever practicing law again. Now the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct (http://www.scjc.texas.gov) website is down. Therefore we are recommending that people call them directly at (512) 463-5533, or toll-free at (877) 228-5750, ask them to mail you a complaint form directly in order to avoid the very technical difficulties we are experiencing with the website now. Paper forms are always better than electronic ones, and we are seeing why with the blocking of any electronic complaint forms at a time when it is essential that we complain as much as possible. Filing these lawful complaints (https://courtroomwatch.org/2020/05/08/texas-woman-jailed-for-opening-business-to-feed-her-children-2/) will ensure that their corrupt actions will not cause the suffering in the future that was inflicted upon Shelly Luther. They are hoping we have short memories; that we get lost in the happy moment of Shelly’s release. We must follow through. Please participate in the complaint blitz by referring to the previous post. , which will provide more detailed information regarding a paper complaint. Follow us at CourtroomWatch.com.