Peaceful activist David Rodriguez jailed in California ! Please help free him !

Thank you so much for being FREEDOM CHAMPIONS!
I did not realize that we were in the belly of the beast. I left CHICAGO in 2016 for some peace & LOVE and found myself in the most amazing movement in history. So grateful to be on this journey with you. 
Have a great night!
Bernadette AKA Bernie 


David James Rodriguez is a peaceful freedom-oriented activist in San Cruz California. If you would like to get to know more about him, visit David on one of his many youtube channels “FREEDOM LOVERS SHOW”

David is a home school advisor, educator, advocate for unmasking, reopening the beaches, and much more, (he even set up a space on the coast to offer voluntary FREE HUGS to counteract social distancing oppression.

David has been targeted by (courts and police) the District Attorney, Jeffery Rosell, bar# 138433. Judge,Nancy De La Pena, bar#122410. Chief Andy Mills and Sheriff Jim Hart, all government officials in Santa Cruz County.

At a review hearing on June 30, 2021 at 3 p.m. in Department 1, David was ambushed by: Judge, Nancy De La Pena, bar#122410

District Attorney, Jeffery Scott Rosell, bar# 138433 Assistant District Attorney, Bryan Pearson, bar# 316827 City Attorney, Stepanie Duck, bar# 324429

Who all conspired by adding false new criminal claims that cannot provide a victim or probable cause to remand (take into custody) him to jail, without bond by Judge Nancy De La Pena.

The charges are minor accusations of peaceful disobedience and yet Judge Nancy De La Pena ordered him to be held WITHOUT BAIL!

Clear violation of the California State Constitution which provides for bail in all circumstance other than capital offenses.

David is clearly being held for political reasons and we are asking ALL PEOPLEto assist in freeing David.

Phone calls can be made to numbers listed below, but more importantly complaints must be filed against the bar license of: Judge, Nancy De La Pena, bar#122410 District Attorney, Jeffery Scott Rosell, bar# 138433. Assistant District Attorney, Bryan Pearson, bar# 316827. City Attorney, Stepanie Duck, bar# 324429.

A Judicial Complaint for must be filed for: Judge Nancy De La Pena, Bar# 122410 by direct mail or fax: (415)557-1266

A bar complaint must be filed against

Judge, Nancy De La Pena, bar#122410

District Attorney, Jeffery Scott Rosell, bar# 138433 Assistant District Attorney, Bryan Pearson, bar# 316827 City Attorney, Stepanie Duck, bar# 324429

We are encouraging you to call Bishop Daniel Garcia @ (831) 373-434 a very powerful man who may be able to assist the efforts to FREE DAVID.

Another person we can contact (remind him of the Oath he took to the people) is Sheriff Jim Hart @ (831)4547618 and demand he set DAVID FREE.

Judicial complaint PDF

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Demand your rights to be a FREE WO/MAN. Do not let the encroaching criminals steal your rights to live a free life, pursuing life, liberty and happiness. Fight back today or our rights my disappear forever.

‘Unite with Patrick Hall American Ninja Warrior founder of Hybrid Ninja Academy , being attacked by NY health department thugs !’

Wait 5 seconds for the audio to play!

Listen on your iPhone on apple podcasts here:

My name is Patrick Hall. After 2 seasons on NBC’s hit show, American Ninja Warrior; it was clear to me that more people should have the opportunity to experience what the sport had given me. In 2015, I founded The Hybrid Ninja Academy, a place for kids to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. After enduring the painful lockdowns of 2020, as only the fortunate businesses were able to; I reopened with a passion- a vigor to help children through this difficult time. I was harassed and issued a citation on 4/29/21 by Michael Heintz of The Erie County Heath Department for allowing parents to decide whether or not to mask their childrens’ faces during exercise. On 5/6/21, I was again harassed by the Health Department for offering freedom of choice, this time, by Rebecca Henry.
This is my story. Feel free to share it, and stand by my side, in the fight for the health of our children.

Patrick Hall

Phone Blitz call Let them know that we are watching this case.

Erie County dept of health
Main phone # 716-858-7690

Address: 95 Franklin St.,
Buffalo, NY 14202

Contact info for:
Mayor of Lancaster, Lynne T. Ruda

Contact info for:
Mayor of Lancaster, Lynne T. Ruda

Deputy Mayor of Lancaster, Paul H. Rudz

Direct mail address for them:
5423 Broadway
Lancaster, NY. 14086
Phone: 716-683-2105



To all my supporters. I am doing well and my attorney is working on my behalf. I am unable to send or receive messages through Messenger, because it has been disabled by big tech/ Facebook. Thank you all for your support, prayers, cards, and messages. The drawings from your children really touched my heart. It really means a lot to me and I am truly grateful for everyone that is willing to express themselves for our freedoms.
Prease the Lord and God bless America! 🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸

Marlena Pavlos-Hackney came to the US from Poland to escape communism and discovered that oppression is worse in America. For simply opening her restaurant, she was sentenced to a month and half in jail. Her people have courageously kept Marlena’s Bistro & Pizzeria open, while Marlena, the owner was locked up. The order to close came from MDARD which is the Michigan Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development. It seems odd that an agricultural dept is familiar with the restaurant business or has medical credentials. Furthermore, how does rural development pertain to Marlena’s Bistro?

Judge Wanda Stokes violate her oath to uphold the Constitution by ordering the closure and issuing an arrest warrant. Judge RoseMarie Aquilina, in an episode of rage and emotional instability, sentenced Marlena to over 90 days in jail WITHOUT A TRIAL! She screamed “This is My court and it’s not Burger King!” It raises several important questions, which may be noted in the complaint. See below in red.

You can help save America from this type of tyrannical behavior by filing an Investigative Complaint
Form against each of the 2 judges.

  1. Print the form from this site, one for each judge:
  2. Complete each complaint as indicated in the sample form. Feel free to use your own words, as
    it’s important for the judges and the investigators to realize that many free people are watching
    and expecting corrective action. Any questions, call at 585-730-9220 or
    email to:
  3. You can add the additional addendum page at the end of this letter. It is basically holding the
    judge to her oath of office – which is to uphold the Constitution of the state and the nation.
    Place your signature on the Oath Addendum page.
  4. Be sure to sign and notarize the form, or the court will reject it.
  5. Mail to the address given on the form. Consider using a tracking number to insure delivery.
    Why is it important to file a complaint? Because if we let tyrannical behavior slide, it could come back
    to bite us. Either of these 2 judges could one day be appointed to a higher federal position. At that point
    their inappropriate judicial behavior and decisions can have nationwide impact. We must prevent this
    from happening by flooding the judicial tenure commission with complaints.

You can transfer the statements below (in red) to the form for Judge/Ms. Aquilina to her complaint form.

  1. Since Ms. Aquilina is claiming the court is ‘hers’, isn’t Marlena in the wrong place? She should be
    in a Michigan Supreme Court.
  2. Since Ms. Aquilina is claiming the court is ‘hers’, isn’t she committing fraud by impersonating a
    State Supreme Court judge?
  3. Since Ms. Aquilina is claiming the court is ‘hers’, why are the sheriff/bailiffs allowing this fraud to
    be committed? This is a violation of Title 18 section 4, misprision of felony, wherein someone
    witnessing a criminal act fails to report it, or act to prevent it.
  4. Since Ms. Aquilina is claiming ‘her court is not Burger King’ which is a rather obvious fact, does
    this not require a psychological evaluation for the judge?
  5. Since Ms. Aquilina took an oath to uphold the Constitution and is clearly violating it, does this
    not make her a liar, and completely unfit to serve the people?
  6. Since court cases are bonded with a bid-bond, a performance-bond, and a payment bond, (see
    general services administration forms #273 & #274) will Ms. Aquilina be providing the proceeds
    from those bonds to Marlena? Or will she be keeping them for ‘her court’?

For Judge Wanda Stokes, you can add these sentences or ideas on her investigative complaint form (in blue):

  1. Violation of Oath of Office.
  2. Lack of evidence of any victim of a crime.
  3. MDARD (Michigan Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development) has no medical license. Why is the judge even responding to their filing of a motion?
  4. Ms. Stokes admitted an absence of proof, by stating, “I understand it’s not possible to say definitively that a person contracted the virus at the establishment.”  Thus she admitted that she has not proof to arrest Marlena, but did so anyway.

You do not need to live in Michigan to file these complaints, since anyone who drives a car is connected to engaging in commerce with Michigan. You may also have planned to travel to Michigan in the future to visit Marlena’s Bistro or for any other reason. We also mention violation of oath to uphold the Constitution (which is breach of contract) in all complaint forms of this nature. The violations committed by these 2 judges affect all of us nationwide. Remember, if and when you should ever be locked up, you will want people coming to your aid as well.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

                                                                                                                   Benjamin Franklin

Open the form below called ‘sample’ to see a sample of how to fill out the forms. The first page is the same for both.

Fundraiser for

If you have found value in the documents and assistance that Eric Jones of has provided, please consider donating to a fundraiser for him. Here’s the link. You can read more details inside the fundraising program. Any amount, small or large, is very much appreciated.

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to:
Eric H. Jones
PO Box 86
Spring Brook, NY 14140

Updated vaccine declaration now includes unwanted PCR Test, surgical implants, and other oppressive medical procedures!

Print this declaration when an individual is requesting you, or someone you love, to take a vaccine,or submit to another medical intervention that you are choosing to refuse.

Complete the cover page by inserting the name & address of the person it is from (probably yourself), and then complete the recipient information, and date.

In the body of the letter, fill in this way:

I, (first name here) : (last name here) Family; respectfully require no vaccination be administered to myself or __(on this line place the name of your loved one, if it’s not you personally) _______ as it would be a violation…


I, John : Smith Family; respectfully require no vaccination be administered to myself or __my daughter, Princess Leah Smith _______ as it would be a violation…

In addition, print the attachment below, The Vaccine Liability Letter (Attachment C). Place this within the Refusal Declaration, following attachment B (page3) and before attachment D (page 4). This will expand the initial Declaration by 7 additional pages, for a document of 24 total pages. These can be used together or separately.

Friendly advice from Eric Jones the Freedom Screamer.

Praying hard for everyone, you know that I have friends on the ground in lots of places.If you have not already done so, stock up staple supplies.
Info that isn’t being widely spread is the incredible rate increase for perishable goods.Used to consider good pay at 1+¿/ mile.When I hauled the fuel lines for the shuttle it paid 3+¿/ mile. Spank just hauled a load of icecream from Atlanta to Miami, paid 7+¿/mil, was offered a load Miami to LA paying 12 thousand plus to the truck. Another one of his drivers got a load of watermelons from Texas to New Jersey paid over 7thousand.
All of this will get passed on to the Consumer…

Criminal Trespass Warning: Serve these papers on all law enforcement, health department, political, and corporate people who are executing the unlawful Covid crackdown!

📄Click here to download criminal trespass warning. When you mail this make sure you require a signature from the recipient so you know they received it.

Above: Preview of Page 1 of 44.

📄Here is the instruction sheet for the Criminal Trespass Warning:

Above: Preview of How-To for the Criminal Trespass Warning.

A witness protection program for Truth, Liberty and Justice for all! Psalm 94:16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

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