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Anna Taylor ………………………………… That’s My Child, I want to hold My Child



1) In previous juvenile proceedings I was fraudulently declared incompetent, and my children were farmed out by illegal adoption.

2) In previous juvenile proceedings, a doctor, Marvin Zelman, opined that because I disagreed with the agency and charges, I should be titrated against my will with intramuscular injections of atypical antipsychotics to ensure competency although not guarantee competency. I refused.
3) I was forced into oppression and poverty with the no Human Rights Commission Council.
4) I was so distraught that I decided that I should temporarily have social security benefits to proceed legally.
5) Being of the age of child-bearing, impending the birth of my daughter, I knew that my fetus would be harmed with psychotropics. I had no confidence in the medical field and was currently researching a black mark system database, that agencies would red flag and kidnap another infant at birth. I decided to have a home birth.
6) 24 hours after birth an ambulance was called. I consented for my infant to be treated, however I would not sign for myself because I knew what they were preparing to do to me.
7) The doctors, commited fraud, faxed over papers to the Probate Court, that my daughter was critically ill and required surgery and I would not consent for it. Probate judge issued an ex parte decision.
8) Within 5 minutes of my arrival at the hospital a chronological outline, indicated that the apgar scale for my child was healthy.
9) Three hours after my arrival at Hospital, my removal was executed by force. Social workers  from hospital assured me that if I spoke to a social worker, that I could stay the entire night with my baby, so I can nurse the baby with mother’s milk as I had planned all along.
11) Behind closed doors, I overheard police conspiring that would I sign consent to be treated at the hospital, that doctors could place me up in the psychiatric ward.
10) I stood outside the hospital for hours with a police Fleet Squad preventing my reentry with parmour.
11) Yesterday evening my attorney Lisa Vincent contacted me and stated that my evaluation had arrived, and I have been declared ‘intermittently incompetent’ by Dr. Mantell.
12) A guardian ad litem would replace Lisa Vincent. However, those are not my wishes I have contacted attorney Lisa Vincent one year ago and we have been working diligently on our case.
13) June, one year ago, attorney Lisa Vincent, contacted the Department of Justice to investigate the agency AND Juvenile Waterford Court Division, to ask how to proceed.  Department of Justice informed Lisa on how to proceed using the newly revised Ada technical guidance. And Lisa gave education and specific instructions to the judge presiding. However Chris Aker, the Attorney General refused to have me accommodated under the ADA. DOJ opened an investigation.
15) Less than 24 hours notice of the evaluation received from Dr. Mantell to my attorney Lisa Vincent, we are verbally summoned to appear today at 9 a.m.atJuvenile Waterford Court Division. It’s a sealed case, only summary judgment.
Although the Department of Justice gave Lisa instructions on how to proceed with a jury trial, attorney Chris Aker and Judge Mac refused to acknowledge or accommodate the ADA and the new ADA technical guidance of 6000 pages.
16) Judge Mack recently recused and removed himself. Today I believe Judge Driscoll will have stepped in.
17) A guardian ad litem will be appointed today which will force Lisa Vincent, to be removed from the case. And fear tactics verbalized by Chris Aker about foresnsic whiting if I were to proceed with a jury trial, and would be criminally charged and locked into a Forensic Whiting in Middletown, Ct.
18) I am very familiar with cchr and of forced psychotropics. I believe if ad litem is appointed today, there’s no telling what kind of Humanity crimes they will get away with, and my life is at their disposal, covering up government child abduction crises, white coat crimes, judicial corruption, along with titration destroys the evidence. It is frightening and I am under duress.
State of Connecticut Superior Court Juvenile Matters Office of the Clerk
978 Hartford Turnpike
Waterford Connecticut 06385