‘File complaints against the insurance bonds of corrupt tyrannical officials , enforcers and board members !

Surety Bonds: How and Why they can be used to STOP Tyranny!
Bonds are mandatory for all elected and most public officials from governors, mayors, legislators, and school boards. They protect and serve as a guarantee against fraud, dishonesty, negligence, breach of contract, and violations of faithful performance of duties. Bonds protect parties that have suffered losses as a result of the public official’s misconduct. Simply stated, a contract designed to protect We the People after an official takes an oath of office.
Bonds go by many names: faithful performance bonds, fidelity bonds, public official bonds, liability bonds, public employee blanket bonds, public employee dishonesty bonds, and indemnity bonds to name a few.
Using a bond method for corrupt public officials and school board members has advantages. It can hold these creatures to their oath of office which includes ‘I swear to support the Constitution of the United States’. The bond method can be used as leverage for officials by serving them with orders to cease and desist illegal and unlawful behaviors. We the People can file claims against the bonded official, with hopes, to avoid a costly and lengthy lawsuit. It is the bonding agency that will determine if violations occurred that resulted in losses or damages caused by a public official’s misconduct as opposed to a politically motivated court process.
I highly recommend checking out https://bondsforthewin.com. It is an informed group helping many. They have many resources and step-by-step guidance on how to stop elected Boards of Education and officials which continue to infringe on our rights.
In NYS Board of Education, members have taken an oath of office to “support the Constitution”. It appears that many are bonded including the Superintendent. Start by using FOILs to obtain officials’ oaths of office, and bonding/insurance information. Muckrock is a web site that is used to file, track and share public record requests. https://www.muckrock.com/
You will find many school districts have uploaded their FOIL letters to obtain oaths of office, insurance, bonds, etc. There are many examples of how and what to request. You can see the school districts’ responses, emails, and insurance policies.
Most school districts in the state are bonded through Utica National Insurance Group or NY school Insurance Reciprocal. See links below.
https://www.uticanational.com/business-insurance/school-college-university/ https://www.nysir.org/
Bonds pertaining to school insurance policies for the Board of Education and Superintendents may be under the crime portion of the Property & Casualty policy of the district. Individuals may be identified by name or by the position title. If the policy lists by position, then it is considered a “blanket” policy. Individuals that handle large sums of

money may be ‘individually scheduled’ for excess limits outside of the blanket crime policy but still on the same order.
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