New York nurse takes a stand for freedom in Christ during healthcare crisis

Hannah Heikoop: “This video is very raw and unfiltered as you will see. My purpose is making this llis to update those who’ve been asking where I’m at, to encourage others going through the same thing, and to open the eyes of those who may not be fully comprehending the truth of what’s going on.
I pray that your heart is softened as you watch this video.

Sadness fills my heart as the doors of my first nursing job are slammed shut in my face. Let go with unjust cause.

My eyes are being opened more and more to the darkness of this world.

But there is a light that is shining through and that light is Jesus Christ. He is the reason I went into nursing in the first place and He is who will get me through this trial. I’m re-learning that my identity isn’t in my career but it is in the One who created me. I hope this video points you to Him and His love!”