Complaint Against Public Defenders Who Conspired Against, & Incarcerated, Mother of three While Charging for “Defending” her

From: F. Mason

Date: Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 3:22 PM

Subject: Attorney Complaint for Tania

Fax Sent To:                          California State Bar Association; and

Mr. Charlie Henderickson, Supervisor of Valeros

T: (800) 843 – 9053       Ext.: 0

F: (408) 938 – 1106


    1. Reference ID:


    1. Fax Quality: Fine (Better Quality)




    1. Coverpage: Attached here is a Citizen & Next of Friend Attorney Complaint against Ineffective Public Defender assigned to Tania R. McCash in criminal Complaint No. C1653807 who Abandon her client and left her to defend herself against a Rouge Judge Stephen V. Manley, and now Tania is unlawfully held in State’s Custody, after Gilda and Judge Manley’s plot to ‘create doubt’ to violate All laws even after she was declared Compete, is sitting in Jail due to this Attorneys Negligence and Legal Malpractice, without BAIL or any reason for the commitment.


    Complaint & Claim Attached herein. We want her Removed and an Open FORMAL OFFICIAL Investigation for Official Misconduct/Flouting of the Sixth Amendment right to Competent & Affective Assistance of Counsel & Counsel of Choice and her inactions & actions prejudicing the rights of Tania R. McCash.








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