A message from Eric the Freedom Screamer. Here is the analysis of the: “Let’s trust the FBI” phenomenon.

Dear fellow freedom-screamers! Let me make this abundantly clear. The Federal Bureau of Investigation never has been and never will be seeking justice in any way. They are a damage control squad. They locate the people with evidence and suppress them along with their evidence. You are immediately flagged as a target the second you approach or contact any FBI agent or police officer. I personally contacted Ken Lanning, the director of training for FBI agents specializing in missing and abused children in Quantico, Virginia. His website is MissingKids.org. When I explained to him that we obtained evidence of ritual child sex abuse, he threatened me with possession of child pornography and refused to help the child in any way. What he was doing was absolutely evil, targeting the truth-teller and protecting the abusers. The sole purpose of the FBI is to protect the corrupt government and its associated corporations. Remember, any time you contact any FBI agent, a case is immediately opened on you and you become a targeted individual.

2 thoughts on “A message from Eric the Freedom Screamer. Here is the analysis of the: “Let’s trust the FBI” phenomenon.”

  1. Too bad all Our People are kept scattered and, either, too pissed, hurt, or stupid to see the need for cohesive conversations. Must less real American actions as a collection of unified communities….. Truly amazing how cultural differences are so effectively used against Us Peace, Out


  2. Thank you Eric for the clarity here. I guess the t.i. community will be thankful to know just exactly how this stuff comes together. So we are targeted from multiple factions of the government to extinguish any possible chance of transparency being brought to the fore. It says much about the system irrespective of ruling party.


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