Life Sentence for Medically Kidnapped Christian Activist Professor Solange Martinez at NYC Bronx Central Hospital

Please Help Save Medically Kidnapped Christian Activist Professor Solange Martinez who got life sentence in psychiatric Hospital with forced.medication.

Solange Martinez is being held at North Central Hospital in the Bronx . She has been advocating for the poor and has been successfull in helping people in the court system . She has had several victories against the NYC social services agencies when they committed fraud . She is NOT an attorney and for that reason the legal system feels threatened by her . If everyone started representing themselves and others , it would take away billions of dollars from the attorneys , judges , police , courts , prisons , transport companies , hospitals , doctors , nurses , social workers , certified public accountants , maintence workers , food service providers , cleaning services , security agents , internet providers , computer technicians , and all their supporting staff , buisness and corporations . So they locked her up . They are trying to silence her with a 60 year sentence and forced medication which has already begun . The drugs include : Halidol , Zolpidan , Lithium carbonate and others . She is already getting tired and dizzy . A witness to her abduction heard officers of the NYPD from precinct 52 say : ‘We have determined that no crime has been committed here , the EMT’s are going to take you.’ The EMT stated : ‘You can sue us later’ . Witnesses heard the chief of security at Jacoby hospital , where the hearing was held , make the following statement : ‘You are not here because you are mentally ill . You are here because you think your so smart .’

Also please help by calling The Rutherford Institute a legal dense group and encourage them to take up the case of Solange Martinez’s.

The Rutherford Institute
Post Office Box 7482
Charlottesville, VA 22906-7482

Phone: (434) 978-3888 (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST)
Fax: (434) 978-1789

Send John Whitehead President of the Rutherford institute a message on salange Martinez behalf

Any info you can dig up on retired judge Paul Alpert would be helpful.

Paul L. Alpert

New York City Civil Court

Present officeholder
Term ends




Syracuse University


New York Law School

Court attorney

Paul L. Alpert is a judge for the New York City Civil Court. He was elected to the Bronx Countywide position on November 5, 2013.[1][2]


Alpert received his B.A. from Syracuse University in 1984 and his J.D. from the New York Law School in 1988.[1]


Alpert began his career in January of 1989 as an associate attorney of the law firm of Peters, Berger & Koshel. One year later, he became court attorney to Acting Supreme Court Justice Walter Tolub. He served as judge on the New York City Housing Court from July of 2000 until 2013, when he was elected to the New York City Civil Court.[1][2][3]



Alpert ran for election to the New York City Civil Court, Bronx County. General: He defeated Harry Hertzberg in the general election on November 5, 2013, receiving 88.2 percent of the vote.[4][5]



Christian Activist Prof Solange Martinez goes back to the Jericho Program, after elderly, disable, chronically ill and cancer survivor Luisa Oyarzun was denied help a month ago. Christian Activist Prof Martinez explains Luisa Oyarzun’s Case Manager — Monica Miller — the Traffickers of Identities and Government Benefits-Criminal Network-Modus Operandi. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS, GO TO: THE SPANISH HARRIET TUBMAN’S SHOW [which apologizes for not allowing more than one person to participate in the show, but there was a lot of material to discuss by the host by her; so, it was necessary]. The last 5 shows, or so, couldn’t be recorded due to the host’s kidnapping, and her elderly-disable mother, by the Steuben County’s Sheriff, James Allard, and the Bath’s Chief of Police – Chad Mullen. These are organized crime members involved in the trafficking of identities and government-benefits; and the assassination of Americans and legal residents. This all happened upstate, NY:… AND… PROF. SOLANGE MARTINEZ SOCIAL JUSTICE ADVOCATES VOTIM (Victims of the Illegals’ Mafia) 3130 Grand Concourse Avenue, Suite 6 T Bronx, NY 10458 Tel.: (914) 619 – 8362 Tel./Fax (347) 721- 9255…… Tel./ Fax: (347) 721- 9255 Cell (914) 619 – 8362 Email: http :// Skype: Solange2583 PROF. SOLANGE MARTINEZ City University of New York Professor Spanish Interpreter/Translator for the State and Federal Government Notary Public New York State Service Coordinator New York State Certified Mediator New York State Certified Public-School Teacher (Kindergarten through College) New York Jersey Certified Public School Teacher (Kindergarten through College) Elderly, Disable, Chronically ill Citizen Luisa Oyarzun (witness)

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