Eric Hughes Jones, political activist and founder of the Courtroom Observers needs YOUR help!

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Jury Nullification Doc:



I am Eric Hughes Jones, political activist and founder of the Courtroom Observers Network. I have helped many people be freed from the corrupt court system and now I need YOUR help. Click to Donate Now!

I leased a small wooded lot with a camper, which is my home. The community owned electric company for Angelica, New York, is refusing to comply with state law and with winter fast approaching, I am still without electricity. New York State Codes, Rules and Regulations 98.2 clearly states that a utility shall provide, to a new applicant, “500 feet of distribution line and 100 feet of service line”. The state code also provides for a budget payment plan, which I am also being denied, as the town is now demanding nearly $2000.00 upfront for something they are required to provide free of charge. The mayor of Angelica, New York told me in…

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One thought on “Eric Hughes Jones, political activist and founder of the Courtroom Observers needs YOUR help!”


    An AIB listener’s common law / private contract marriage
    partner DIED on Feb 6, 2017. Her name was Carolyn Rousseau
    and she was the partner of Corey P who is a long time listener
    and contributor to the AIB Calls. Carolyn was committed by a doctor
    (who probably received a bonus from Oregon) in 2008 and had
    been under Guardianship / Custodianship since then ! Corey had
    tried everything to get her away from Oregon’s clutches, but
    to no avail for 9 years !
    To make matters worse, Oregon drained Carolyn’s estate DRY !

    The woman behind this Unconscionable Injustice is >> Nancy Doty <>> for more information.
    Thank you from Corey and the AIB Family !

    Oregon Contact info:
    Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office
    13309 SE 84th Ave, Ste 100
    Clackamas, OR 97015
    971-673-8321 fax

    AND…more contact numbers…Use them as a starting point
    if you’re having Elder Violation Issues in your state…

    Oregon Protective Service: 503-988-4450

    Ombudsman phone: 503-823-0144

    Multnomah County Sheriff Deputy
    Kerri Oman 503-907-0197 …Contacted

    Oregon State Medical Examiner

    DHS 1-855-503-SAFE (7233).


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